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Doing the right thing

It's Monday, friends.  Hope the week is off to a good start.

Since I don't go to therapy, my periodic confessionals in this space will have to do, but I've made a pact with myself to simply stop complaining so much and/or to stop conveying negativity to others.  The majority of my negativity revolves around work, as it does with many folks, but it creeps into other aspects of life, too.

Here's an example:

Recently I spotted a possible opportunity that might be a fit for a good friend.  I sent a note to the person who posted this opportunity on a business networking site, a former colleague.  He responded with a bit of information (turned out the situation wasn't a possibility for my friend) and then asked if everything else was OK in my world.

OK, I thought, now I'm at a crossroads.  But instead of my default response of "not bad, but my job is ____ or ____," I opted to say that I have "been better, been worse, but my family and I are all well, and that's what counts."  I was secretly and briefly proud of myself for not unloading on this former colleague, who's not seen me or spoken with me in a couple of years.

I just returned from a haircut.  The gal who cuts my hair (and my wife's and my daughter-in-law's) asked me how I was, and I just smiled and said that " if I was any better, I'd be twins."  We both laughed, but I know (and she does, if she'll remember) times past when she asked me the same question and I actually told her.

I know, baby steps.  But achieving a positive state is harder than those who are prone to negativity might think.

And for those who know me, I'm probably not as positive as you often THINK that I am....

This is all somewhat how I conduct myself on the golf course, and those who have played with me can attest that I am generally of a pretty even temper when playing golf.  I play a little less than once a week and try to keep my expectations modest.  So I get excited when I hit a good shot, certainly, but don't get too down on myself when I hit a poor one, because I don't play often and I'm not highly skilled or extensively trained.  I do the best I can, and accept what happens as one shot in many.

I know this is the right thing for those around me, and I certainly can feel that it will be for me, too.

Stay tuned....


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