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How well I remember

Isn't it funny that, as we get older and accumulate more and more memories and experiences, certain things stand out more than others?

I'm reminded of this as there is a certain area of my home area of Lexington, Kentucky that's undergoing some dramatic changes.  Most of these are in the form of demolition of some longstanding businesses, like Turfland Mall, Lexington's first enclosed shopping mall.  Turfland was opened in the mid 60's and was anchored by a McAlpin's department store and a Montgomery Ward's, too (if you don't remember Monkey Ward's, just think "Sears" and you'll have a pretty good picture of what they were about).  It boasted the biggest movie theater in town way back when, a "Cinema on the Mall."  The Blue Boar Cafeteria, a local dining spot that was well attended in a couple of locations in its day, was also part of that mall.  Now, all that's left is a Staples office supply store and a Home Depot.  The…

It happens every spring

Friends, I come before you bearing good tidings and warm wishes, particularly the latter.  I won't belabor the obvious point about our endless winter, but to say that we can only hope the worst is behind us.

No, I wish to talk about spring, and the renewal it brings in so many respects.  More immediate of what happens this time of year is the NCAA men's basketball tournament, or, as it's commonly referenced, March Madness (and God help me that I didn't use quotes or a trademark or whatever).  It officially started list night with some "First Four" games, which used to be called "play-in" games.  Ultimately, the tournament, which once upon a time involved only 32 teams, now involves 68 and I fully expect it will be many more teams in the next few years.  After all, what other event draws the television audience over a three week period than this event?  More teams means more games, more ratings, and larger rights fees, so it'll happen.

And I also…

It's been more than 40 days, right?

Friends, the weather just keeps on throwing us curve balls here in central Kentucky.  Monday and yesterday we enjoyed what the TV weather people have taken to calling "abundant sunshine" and temps in the 60s and 70s.  Today, however, is a different story, as it's raining buckets, is in the high 50s as I write this and due to fall all the way into the 30s by late afternoon.  As the saying goes, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will surely change.

On a very serious note, I cannot imagine what may have happened to that Malaysian airliner that seems to have disappeared in flight five days ago.  Television reports have shown some of the press conferences that Malaysian officials have held and some frustrated family members have pelted these officials with bottles and other objects, clearly because they just don't know what happened.  I fly somewhat frequently for my work, but not over open water, so I'm grateful that I've never faced anythin…

Just warming up

Good morning, all....happy to report that most of the five (yes, FIVE) inches of snow that fell on central Kentucky Sunday night and Monday morning are gone.  I have an intimate knowledge of how much snow fell since I shoveled my own driveway and sidewalks Monday morning when the snow had stopped, and then did the same for my elderly next-door neighbor.  Goodness, I'm really tired of snow and ice and cold and......

But, as I said, it's warming up, it's going to top 50 degrees here today and we're due to have several days in a row of weather that is pretty common for our area.  And that is indeed VERY good news!

Did you know that today and tomorrow have been deemed the "National Day of Unplugging," wherein people are encouraged to disconnect from their various online devices and thereby gain some relief from the stresses of life?  I'm all for disconnecting from work when I'm off (as I will be next week, coincidentally) but the way we all seem to work n…