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Winning....or is that "whining"?

Wouldn't it be funny if they had a Republican Presidential debate and a slap fight broke out?

That just about happened in Tampa last night, as we finally saw Mitt Romney not just stand there with a placid expression while his opponents pile on him.  No, he apparently doesn't like Newt Gingrich (joining a long list of others, it would seem), and especially didn't like how Gingrich won the South Carolina primary.  So Mitt went on the offensive last night, poking Newt on his relationship with Freddie Mac and the unceremonious end to his role as Speaker of the House in the late 90s.  I honestly thought the two "statesmen" were going to roll around in the mud before it was over, but decorum reigned and order maintained.  But it's getting uglier by the minute, and now that Romney has finally released a couple of years of tax returns (and revealed that he made nearly $43 million over the past two years, all legally), Gingrich will probably continue his attack that R…


I was traveling back from a couple of days of business meetings in North Carolina earlier this week and thought it might be a nice exercise in discipline (the first time I've used that word in the history of this blog, to my recollection) to write a few of my infamous observations as one-sentence comments.  So let's see if I can do this (and, no, they won't be interminable run-on sentences, either, smarty).

Thanks for playing, Rick Perry, and good luck winning reelection as governor of Texas, now that you've shown everyone that your memory is about THIS long.

The coronation of Mitt Romney as this year's Republican nominee will be about as long as John McCain's march to that status four years ago, but the hardcore Republicans won't like him any better if this happens quickly.

Stephen Colbert for President.

Is anyone surprised that Tiger Woods' former swing coach is writing a tell-all book about their time together, or that Tiger himself is disappointed b…

How in the world.....?

Another random collection of even more random observations about.....random subjects.  I chose the wording of the first sentence.....(wait for it) random.

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Anyway, here we are, about midway through the first month of 2012.  Are you still dating things 2011, as I am?  I don't write many checks anymore, since we do most of our banking electronically, and that, above all else, used to be the primary area for mistakes.  Now it's all over the place, with reports, expense requests, reservations, etc.  And I always love the incriminating wording our computers use:  "This event occurs in the past and cannot be added to your calendar."  Thanks a lot.

Funny how Mitt Romney finished the Iowa caucuses in a dead heat with Rick Santorum and won New Hampshire's presidential primary election in a walk, yet he walked away from New Hampshire with a very small amount of momentum.  Seems that a couple of his opponents have seized on the opportunity…

Fifteen minutes

Andy Warhol once supposedly said that everyone in the world will be famous to some degree for fifteen minutes.  Since I worked in radio many moons ago, I suppose that would qualify as my "fifteen minutes," but I am fond of saying to my wife and friends that "____'s fifteen minutes should be just about over, shouldn't they?"  Here's a sampling of who I think fits that mold now:

NANCY GRACE:  I know she has quite a following and a nightly show on CNN's HLN channel, but this irritating former prosecutor seems to surface to weigh in on anything remotely related to "legal" issues.  She's currently all over the place screaming about Casey Anthony (who should probably also be on this list, but isn't for no particular reason) and her recently discovered "video diary" that all of the news outlets are talking about.  Grace is shrill, a terrible interviewer and very opinionated, which makes her perfect for the cable news landscape, …