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Four months

Happy Thursday-before-a-holiday-weekend, everyone.I always enjoyed saying that, as I always enjoyed a long weekend.
That is, when I was working.Since the start of March I have NOT been working, at least not for a paycheck.To be sure, my past employers’ contributions to unemployment insurance have provided me with some income during this period, but it’s mostly been savings that my wife and I have been using for our household expenses.
I have more possibilities in the works, as has been the case throughout this process.One of them is an on-again, off-again possibility of temporary employment with a local company that can’t quite decide whether I’m vital to their success.The owners are a married couple who seem like nice people, but their indecision is growing old at this point!
A friend who’s single, never married, regularly shares his exploits in efforts to meet the “right” person.And from what he’s told me, it’s tough to date as a grown-up, whether you have children or not, whether …

#nobillnobreak--no kidding!

Good Friday morning, everyone.Got a little off schedule with some other activities but found some time for a post this morning.
I’m going to start by saying that I wholeheartedly approve of the #NoBillNoBreak sit-in that occurred in the House of Representatives.The National Rifle Association has such a stranglehold on anything related to gun control via its massive amount of political contribution to many, MANY candidates that something had to give, and we have Congressman John Lewis, who has certainly “been there, done that,” to thank for helping get the effort going.I was like many who watched the entire story unfold on social media and marveled at the solidarity shown by so many Democratic members of both the House and Senate.Of course, the entire House is running for reelection and many Senators are, too, so it’s never a bad thing to show how hard you’re fighting for your consitituents.
I am also appalled that House Speaker Paul Ryan (you know, the one who didn’t even WANT to be …


Good morning, friends.

My comments refer to the events in Orlando over the weekend, as well as some that have occurred since.  I'm not a gay man, though I know some gay men and women.  But I am a human being and that qualifies me to write what follows.

Where are we in this country that people target and attack other people as though they're playing some sort of video game or computer simulation, particularly when those attacks are based on a specific demographic, like race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity?  And at what point do our legislators do the right thing and look past the massive financial contributions of the National Rifle Association to institute any form of gun control in this country?

I was deeply saddened that, yet again, this country has been stained by a large-scale mass shooting, this time leaving 49 dead and approximately that many others wounded.  We're now learning more about the shooter, his motivations, his problems.  We're also learning how he …

Explain something to me

Time for a general set of rants, folks.  A fella can only take so much, y'know....

When did the most prevalent of non-automated traffic signals become irrelevant?  I'm speaking of the humble stop sign, of course, which is now apparently more of a suggestion than a command.  After dinner last night I went to a nearby shopping center for a couple of very brief errands, and in the three-mile-round-trip I was nearly struck by not one but two vehicles who did not bother to even slow down at the sight of said stop signs.  Since I was not traveling at highway speed it wasn't difficult to slow down in time to avoid a collision.  The offending drivers did not even look in my direction when blowing through their stop signs into my path, making it all the more irritating.

The reverse is also becoming more common, wherein drivers are slow to leave a traffic light because they apparently began texting while their car was sitting still.  Thumbs up for not texting while your car is MOVIN…