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Musical chairs

Happy Monday, one and all!

Recently something prompted me to take a good look at my music collection, just to see what I'm missing.  Several years ago (and I want to say that this process was recorded within this blog somehow for posterity), I moved away from using physical recordings of music and into those of the digital persuasion, if you will.  That meant that I said goodbye to some stereo equipment that I had had since high school (I know) and some vinyl records that I had had for longer than that!  I also divested all of my cassette tapes and the accompanying tape player, since neither of our cars have tape players in them.

At that time I mounted a pretty serious effort to reacquire most of that music in digital form, whether through the purchase of music through iTunes or CD (I still have a few CDs, since the cars will play them).  And I think I did a good job of recapturing some of this stuff, but there were invariably a few gaps.

Now, if you're like me and you troll s…

Tweet tweet

Friends, I've been wondering how many of my loyal readers are also active on Twitter.  I don't "tweet" that often, but sometimes do, just because I see, hear or experience something worth mentioning.  And I can tell you that I don't have that many Twitter followers, but a few that are active and take note of some of the stuff I post.  Here's a sampling: