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The Crescent City

Greetings from New Orleans, where I've been on a business trip since lunchtime Tuesday.

If you've never been, it's really a whole different environment than what you're probably used to seeing in your daily activities.

The big thing here is that it's all about entertainment.  That means different things to different people, of course.  Food and dining out is huge here, and there's something for nearly every appetite, even if you don't care for the local cuisine.  But if you do happen to like it there are many, MANY options in the heart of the city and elsewhere.  And instead of a clump of chain restaurants as you see in so many homogenous cities, there are restaurant groups operated by dynastic food families like the Brennans and so many others.  Frankly, I've never had a bad meal in a locally owned/operated place that serves fine cuisine.  A business associate even tuned into a local radio program that airs DAILY that is hosted by a restaurant critic …

Catch up

No, not "ketchup," although I admit a fondness for that....

No, just catching up on some things.  Busy weekend, busy week last week.  Lots going on.  And things have now slowed down.

But it's a funny thing, I find that the busier I am, the better a lot of things appear to go, at least in my experience.  And when things are moving kind of slowly, well, that's a recipe for disaster sometimes.

Hectic began a week ago last Sunday, when I sought treatment for what turned out to be contact dermatitis in my eyes.  The swelling, itching and pain started on Saturday, and I finally relented and went to an urgent care clinic.  Was prescribed steroid/antibiotic drops, which I finished Saturday.  Never affected my vision, but I looked like I was either very hung over or a vampire, your choice, until the redness relented mid-week last week.  And had the height of the seasonal allergy throat/sinus crud in the midst of all of this.  Nice!

I spent most of last week in Nashville, Tenn…