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Greetings, my friends.  I haven't posted recently because, well, I've been just a little busy, what with the new job and such.  But I have a few minutes to post some assorted thoughts and observations, so here goes....

I'm in week three of the new job, for those of you scoring at home.  I've told a couple of my friends that I've received more useful training thus far in this position than in my last two jobs combined, and that spans about eleven years.  While I won't mention my new employer's name or business, I will say that they're a fast growing organization, and the thought and effort that has gone into the onboarding and orientation process has been impressive thus far.  I was in the Dallas area all of last week and will return there with all who recently joined the organization for the remainder of the week following Memorial Day.

Speaking of Dallas, I hadn't been in that area for more than a day in a long time (not counting a few times when I…

All new

Greetings to all....brief entry this morning, as I've just started a new position this week, and was able to steal a few minutes to post a few thoughts.

First off, it's nice to be working again.  I had a total of five weeks off after departing from my last position, and I certainly welcomed the break for many reasons.  What did I do with my time?  Well, let's see.  I completed several yard projects, which made my wife very happy.  I got an extended chance to play with two of my grandchildren, one of whom was pretty upset that I wasn't going to be around as much starting this week.  I got some extra rest.  I did some volunteer work.  I attended two Cincinnati Reds baseball games.  I played some weekday golf, which is always a treat.  I fought a respiratory disorder, which is still hanging on a bit.

But I had this break with the knowledge that I'd begin a new career chapter this past Monday, so the time really went by quickly.

In keeping with my past habits, I won…