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That didn't take long

Good Monday morning to everyone.

We're again in the midst of what promises to be a lengthy stretch of rain and foul weather here in Lexington.  Warm temperatures and lots of moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, and that produces rain.  And lots of it, judging by what's happening outside.  Luckily we have not been part of the devastation in the south, as there were numerous tornadoes and storms that resulted in massive property damage and loss of life.  Here's hoping those affected get a break in the weather to regroup.

I was not in Washington over the weekend and attempted to avoid Friday's Presidential inauguration and accompanying events, but wound up hearing most of our new President's speech.  Since that time there has been an expected war of words between the Trump Administration and the media about the size of the crowd at Friday's ceremony, whether Mr. Trump had removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office, whether Mr. Trump should or wil…

Good and not as

Greetings, friends.  Taking a brief break from work to post this morning.

I think "unusual" is just the beginning when talking about weather.  We had deep cold for several days here in central Kentucky recently, but in the last few days it's been mostly wet and unseasonably mild.  Back closer to normal today, as it's 42 degrees as I write this, overcast and breezy.  I won't say "that's more like it," but I suppose it does seem more appropriate.

We were spared the ice storms that plagued spots southwest, west and north of us.  We've had two major ones in my memory, neither affected us too directly but I know folks who were hampered by them.  So best wishes to anyone in an ice-affected area.

I think I mentioned here recently that we had to buy a refrigerator.  Unfortunately, the unit came with a damaged handle.  The selling dealer shipped first one replacement to us, and when that was discovered to also be damaged (but in a different way) a secon…

The beat goes on

Good Tuesday to all.  We finally cracked the freezing mark here in central Kentucky yesterday and it's due to be even warmer (and wetter) as the week wears on.
A good friend in northern California reported that the main reservoir for the Sacramento area has risen an astonishing twelve feet since that area started seeing some big weather systems moving in and through.  Let's be glad, those folks seem to never get a break. Broken is the right word for the famous "tunnel tree" in Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  You know, it's the one that someone literally cut a tunnel through the base of the trunk many years ago.  Anyway, it was weakened by the recent heavy rains in the area and fell in the last day or two.  Another iconic symbol gone.
Speaking of icons, let's give acclaimed actress Meryl Streep some credit for saying what many have been thinking.  Politics aside, her message should resonate with everyone.  I'm quoting here: 
“Disrespect invites disrespect, vi…