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With pen in hand (sort of)...

Greeetings, all.  Hope everyone will have the chance to enjoy a three-day weekend, as I am.  Or will in about two and a half hours.

Strange week for me next week.  I'm working two days, then starting a ten day vacation for which I am MORE than ready.  My wife and I are driving to Colorado to spend some time with family there.  We'll try to resist stopping to see the "world's largest prairie dog" or visit Colby, Kansas, an "oasis on the plains," as their signage beckons.  Or pay our respects in Russell, Kansas, hometown of former Senator Robert Dole.

No, we're looking forward to getting to and being in Colorado, one of the nicer places I've had the pleasure to visit regularly.  We'll mostly be in the Denver metro area, although there could be some day trips to other areas.  My wife and I have not spent any time discussing or planning, but since we'll have MANY hours in the car on the way there, I think it'll be pretty easy to think ab…

Last in a series

Good morning, all.  Today's treatise is so named because I have completed what will be my last business-related trip for some time.

Turns out that my frequent travels, necessitated by a number of business circumstances, were a little excessive from a cost standpoint, so I've been asked to curtail my travels.  Also, I was due for a breather week, and the following week is a holiday week, plus we start a vacation later in that week.

So I won't stop being a road warrior, I'll just have company, as my wife and I are traveling by car to Colorado in late May.  We'll spend about a week with our daughter and her family there (a couple of family-related events coming up there) and then we're bringing our granddaughter back with us.  Should be a fun road trip, and we'll get the chance to do some sightseeing and such while we're there!

I imagine that President Obama and many of his key advisors with they were out seeing the sights instead of the headlines that hav…

Just found the perfect job

Friends, I've had an epiphany.

Recently there's been some news about baseball commissioner Bud Selig and how he's going to step down from this position when his current term expires.  And for you non-baseball fans, the baseball commissioner is appointed by the team owners via a committee.  Selig formerly owned the Milwaukee Brewers, so it's not all that surprising that he was chosen in the first place (originally as interim) and has held the position for so many years.

Anyway, some of the articles I've read lately on this subject were speculating on who should replace the Commissioner.  I saw the names of baseball folks like Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa bandied about, and also noted that Sandy Alderson, who was the general manager for a team, then worked in the commissioner's office for a time, and is again the GM for another team, was mentioned prominently.  Sportscaster and baseball purist Bob Costas was also mentioned.  And one of the more surprising names I s…