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Business travel made stylish, courtesy of The Colonel

Greetings, one and all.....checking in today from windy Richmond, Virginia.  I had loads of fun getting here yesterday, as my home area in central Kentucky was afflicted with heavy wind and rain early yesterday morning, and my flight connection in Atlanta was delayed 90 minutes by the same.  But I'm here, and arrived safely, so that's what counts.

As promised, today's entry concerns a new item in my business travel arsenal.

You no doubt recall my past mentions of Colonel Littleton, the unique "purveyor of fine accouterments in the Americana tradition."  My gateway drug happened to be the No. 48 Phone Holster, which led to the No. 5 iPad Pocket, then the Front Pocket Wallet, then the No. 3 Mousepad and finally the No. 3 Key Ring.  I'm looking around the hotel room to see if I failed to mention anything!

Anyway, all through this period of becoming more familiar with and fascinated by the Colonel's operations and products, I had very much wanted one of their…

Just saying

Greetings, all.....snow and cold has struck central Kentucky overnight, making a mess of roads and the morning commute.  Not that it affects me, since I work at home.  A number of school systems here in my home area had already cancelled school for today in an effort to be proactive and safe, and it looks as though they were right.

So Kentucky's very young basketball team lost another one, this time on the road at Alabama on Tuesday night.  They're not world-beaters this year, by any stretch of the imagination.  But what I find puzzling and even a little troubling is that there have been comments posted online in various places I visit talking about the "sad state of Kentucky basketball."  Remember, Kentucky's team won the NCAA men's basketball championship LAST YEAR.

Suppose that there are NFL cities where the same thing is happening, as it's going to be the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens clashing in this year's Super Bowl (I have no id…

Change is the only constant

Good morning, one and all...I hope that January is unfolding in a positive direction for you.

Lots of changes happening these days.  I can't talk about work in this space, prohibited from doing so by my company's policies, but suffice it to say that I now work for different people (three of them) than I have for the past several years.  Should be interesting going forward.

I can't recall if I'd mentioned this here, but my wife retired from full-time work about eighteen months ago, then spent a little more than a year as a part-time employee at a daycare center.  She stepped away from that job in October, so she and I are still adjusting to her not going off to work each day and leaving me here at the ranch working (if I'm not traveling).  We're doing fine with is, but it's change, so it requires a little adaptation.

With time around the house, my wife is on a tear cleaning out drawers and cabinets.   Nothing catastrophic, but I can tell you that our trash a…

In the year 2013 A.D......

Happy New Year,  everyone!  I hope 2012 was a good year for you and yours, as it was for me and my family, and I also hope that 2013 brings even more positives!

Quick health update:  my sinus infection apparently made a little bit of a comeback in the past ten days. Nothing I couldn't handle, and I was able to function normally, eat, etc., but what a nuisance.  I'm really tired of blowing my nose, although with this much practice, I must say that I have achieved a high level of proficiency.

I suppose the United States Senate feels pretty proficient this morning, having passed a tax relief bill in the wee hours this morning.  NOTE:  I'd like to know who either wasn't present for this vote or abstained!  But our country went over the "fiscal cliff" anyway, which I suppose we all knew would happen anyway.  After all, President Obama jokingly said that this Congress, if given one extra second to do anything, would wait until that second was exhausted to finally d…