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It's gonna be Super

Friends, I write this morning knowing that the latest ice age has not, in fact, descended on our home planet.  Or even my home area.  It was 50 degrees yesterday in central Kentucky, after days and days below freezing.  But that was just a tease, as it's once again very cold today and stands to be the same for the next couple of days.

Thank God the gas company has us on the "budget" plan!

So here's the deal--the Denver Broncos, our family's favorite NFL team (daughter and family live in the Denver area, son was born not far from there, love Peyton Manning and three former University of Kentucky standout players are members of the team), will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks in the Ice, I mean, Super Bowl next Sunday night in New Jersey.  First time that game will have been played outdoors in a northern city.  About time, if you ask me, football is all about bad field conditions and seeing EVERYONE's breath and fans acting like idiots by taking their shirts o…


Greetings, friends, from frigid, showy central Kentucky.  It's 20 degrees here, well below our usual average temp.  And show is normally a paralyzing element here, but, miraculously, the roads are in decent shape just now.  Of course, that can change, as soon as they glaze over.  Which they will.

Congrats to the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks for winning their respective conference championships and qualifying for the Super Bowl in the New Jersey Meadowlands in two weeks.  I'm  betting that this might be Peyton Manning's last game, particularly if he and the Broncos win.  I have rooting interest here, as my daughter and her family live in the Denver area, our son was born in that area, too.  So I'll be pulling for the Denver team.

Speaking of those football games, are you as unimpressed with the whole "sideline reporter" concept as I am?  Honestly, what value do those people bring to the average football broadcast?  I just don't understand the va…

Not a new year anymore

Well, we're almost at the mid-point of the month of January 2014, so I suppose that it's no longer the "new" year.  I have said that to a few people with whom I hadn't previously communicated, but I guess I should stop now.

The new year generally means the NFL playoffs, to determine who plays in the Super Bowl (which, incidentally, will be played outdoors in the New York area this year).  Four teams are left, and our rooting interest is with the Denver Broncos, as we have family in the Denver area (they're season ticket holders) and I just like Peyton Manning.  The Broncos have to get past the dreaded New England Patriots to reach the big game, so here's hoping that they can do just that next Sunday.  The other teams left are the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers (who represented the NFC last year, losing to Baltimore).  Since Seattle will be the host team, I like their chances.  I have not been in their stadium for a game, but it's apparen…

The frozen tundra of central Kentucky

Boy, is it cold this morning!  One degree as I write this.  Overnight last night it had to have been a few degrees below zero, and that's not even counting the wind chill.  Wish me luck, as I have a few errands to complete around lunchtime today, and it will most likely still be pretty frigid!

Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles for winning the final BCS championship of college football last night.  I didn't watch their game with Auburn, because I really had no rooting interest in either team.  And it totally escaped me that a former Kentucky assistant is on Florida State's staff, so he went from a pretty poor football team to the national championship in one year.  Ironic, since Kentucky's current head coach came TO Kentucky from Florida State!

We're exploring the possibility of getting our ductwork cleaned.  We tried this a few years ago, using the company that normally cleans our carpet, as they had branched out into that line of work.  Did it help?  …