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New and not

Good Monday to all.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I want to start by addressing Pope Francis' visit to Washington, New York and Philadelphia in the last week.  I believe I have mentioned here that my wife is a devout Catholic, and while I often attend services with her, I am not.  With that said, I have to say that I was most impressed by everything that I saw and read of the Pope's time in the U.S.  From the mutual public outpouring of love and respect to the reverence of his visit to Ground Zero in New York to his meeting with victims (and their families) of past sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy, Francis seems to have struck the right note right along.  And I found his addresses in English to be all that much more endearing, since that is not his native language.  He is most likely back at the Vatican now, and enjoying some well deserved rest.  But given everything we hear of him, he's probably not resting at all.

So we now move from that visit, fille…

Early Tuesday thoughts

Good morning to all.  It's Tuesday, for a change, as I normally seem to post on Mondays.

We celebrated my wife's birthday over the weekend.  She's not excited to have birthdays, but did admit that she always has a good day on or around her birthday, and I and the rest of the family were all pleased that she enjoyed our celebrations as much as we did!

A good friend is ailing right know who you are, so here's hoping that things make a substantial turn for the better.  And soon!

Did you hear that Scott Walker dropped out of the Republican presidential race?  I'd say a lot more people heard that that much of anything else he said while a candidate.  The field is gradually dwindling, and I suspect that will continue as time and money becomes short for many of these candidates.

I'm still fascinated by the fact that blustering billionaire Donald Trump is still leading the pack in this race.  And that two others who have never held office at any level, form…

Home again

Good Monday to all.  Back in my home base, after a work trip to Dallas the latter part of last week.

I guess I'm just terribly out of practice with air travel, particularly, but is the process of traveling actually getting WORSE?  The patience level of people was notably low when I traveled last Wednesday and Friday.  I was fortunate in Dallas that in my return trip I went through security in a terminal that is not as heavily used as others, so that wasn't a problem.  But, oh, my, the grimaces, the pushing and shoving, the walking into other people while reading their phones.  I hope that at the height of my travel frequency that I never was that bad.

So back to normal and back to "real" work today.

Enough about that---let's talk about football!

The Kentucky Wildcats did something on Saturday that they had not accomplished since 2009.  They won a game while visiting another Southeastern Conference opponent's stadium!  The Cats visited the University of South …