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Well, well, well, here we are again, friends.  Nice to see you......and to be seen, after a fashion.

Traveled to a conference in Destin, Florida earlier this week.  I'm always a bit taken aback by "tourist" towns like Destin, as it's not at all uncommon to see folks who own all or part of a vacation home there side-by-side with folks who scraped together a few bucks to take their kids to the beach for the weekend.  And their dwellings fit that description, too, as you'll see tower upon tower of high-rise, ocean view condos alongside run-down, no-name motels.  One thing's for sure....the ocean doesn't discriminate, you have to want it to find the means to be there.  But the food was good, as I am a great lover of all things seafood and pretty much insist on getting fresh seafood when I'm at or near the water.  And it didn't disappoint.

I'm so relieved that Rick Perry has officially entered the Republican presidential campaign, as now the fur is really flying among the "leaders."  The greatest mistake that these Republicans could make is to spend so much time and effort tearing each other down to win their nomination that they forget that they have to run against an incumbent opposition-party President.  Somewhat similar to the Democratic race in 2004 that John Kerry ultimately won, so that he could then run against George W. Bush.

I keep reading that the University of Miami's football team is in real trouble with the NCAA for recruiting and other violations.  My only question in response is "what took them so long?"  I played in a golf event at my conference and one of my teammates had a cousin, I think, who played football at a perennial powerhouse some years ago.  He told me that the cousin began receiving a weekly envelope of cash right after arriving on campus there, and the envelopes continued during his entire stay there.  And he was advised by teammates not to ever ask what the money was for or where it came from.  And here we thought Kentucky football was bad; we apparently just don't cheat as well as other schools.  And get caught when we do.

In my travels I'm finding that one of my very favorite iPad applications is the USA Today app.  Quick but reasonably informative news items and feature pieces entertain and enlighten the reader without taking too much time or taking one's concentration.  My wife often comments that I must read that a lot when I'm traveling, as I almost always have a handful of tidbits to share.  I remember when that paper was first founded it was derided as "McNews."  Show me a better daily paper in a city smaller than a million people.

Another blog that I have read and enjoyed for some time featured some reader comments recently and the writer committed to "doing better" in response to some criticism.  Honestly, it's a BLOG, it's not scripture.  Sorta like people complaining that they don't like a certain restaurant---if you don't like it, just stop going there!

OK, that feels better.  But I really do welcome comments from anyone who wants to take time to write.  They just may not result in any change I would make to this little online corner.

And that's a wrap.


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