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The question is "why?"

Sorry, folks, but I feel one of those Andy Rooney-style rants coming on.....bear with me while I purge my negativity!

Regarding the NCAA men's basketball tournament, why is there always at least one school that no one has ever heard of who seems to take center stage as a Cinderella story?  This year's wonder is Florida Gulf Coast University (of whom the estimable Charles Barkley asked "Where in the hell is Florida Gulf Coast?"), and they appear to be really something.  Their coach is a gee-whiz kind of young man, and he's married to a former Maxim model.  Pretty good story.  But it makes you wonder where this great team has been hiding all season.

Also in the sports world, why is the media so insistent on asking if Tiger Woods is "back?"  He says he never left, but he does admit that he didn't play all that well for a while.  Golf is still more fun to follow and watch when he's playing well, I say, despite what others might believe.

Why don't people know how to observe basic traffic signals anymore?  In the past two days I followed at least a dozen cars through four-way stop intersections and none of them actually stopped, save for the  "rolling" stop that so many motorists have adopted.  And while we're on the subject of traffic, why don't people seem to know that they're turning right just up ahead, and then force their way from the far lefthand lane into that right turn lane?

Why do people go to the customer service desk to return or exchange an item that they bought and THEN have to work to locate the receipt, which they actually have?  How about being ready when your turn comes, so that others won't have to wait quite so long?

Why do product manufacturers persist in offering coupons with a discount when you buy THREE of a given item?  Unless it's a canned product or something that's not perishable, I don't think so.  Similar to that, a grocery chain highlighted a certain product in their flyer last week, heralding "buy five and save."  Who do these people think we are?

Why would a restaurant server feel the need to shake my hand when he returned with the bill, ready for my signature?  Am I buying a car from this guy, or what?

Why would a medical provider send an invoice for a considerable sum of money, covering a year's worth of medical appointments and treatment, only to back completely away when told that we have proof our our payments and those of our insurance company?  This actually happened.  Gee, and we wonder why the healthcare system is such a mess.


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