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It's all relative

Good or bad, stuff happens that makes us shake our heads, doesn't it?  I have a little cross-section of these types of things to share.

For instance, I was on a flight for home from Charlotte this time last Thursday, and while we were taxiing, the plane jerked to a stop and the flight attendant announced that our flight had been CANCELLED.  Not delayed, CANCELLED.  This was due to inclement weather in Lexington, we were told.  I called my wife, who indicated that the weather was clear at that moment and rain was due in the early evening, but that was several hours after my flight was due to land.  

Then when I went to be rebooked (that's the airline terminology for "get me the hell out of here") I was advised that I would have to wait for the same flight on Friday.  So I called our corporate travel agency, who booked me on the first flight out the following morning on a different airline.  But that left me in Charlotte on a day trip without a change of clothes, medicine, toiletries or even the cords to charge my phone and other equipment. 

Same travel agency found me a hotel room with a chain where I have privileges, and that hotel was gracious enough to supply me at least with toothpaste, a toothbrush and deodorant, so that helped.

The original airline?  They still haven't refunded the return end of my ticket as promised a week ago.

Here's another one.  I just returned from a checkup at the dentist.  They always apply fluoride at the end of my visit, yet my current dental insurance NEVER pays for fluoride treatment.  And no dental insurance that I've ever had pays for it.  Wouldn't you think that providing preventative care would be a GOOD thing in the long run?

And another:  I have satellite radio.  Love it, by the way, but love it less when the annual bill comes due.  We started this when we bought my wife's car in 2005, as it came with it and we kept it after the free introductory period.  Then I bought one that I could use as an add-on in my car.  Then I traded that car for one that was also equipped with it, so then I had three radios.  I had planned to cut off the add-on, which I now only use in the house, and only recently found that they have an Internet based option that I can listen to via my computer, iPad or even some smartphones.  And it's cheaper than the add-on radio's service plan.  Guess what I'll be doing sometime soon?

Heading to Cincinnati shortly with my son to see my beloved Reds (or, I should say, my beloved DIVISION-LEADING Reds!).  He has two kids under the age of three, so we don't get to do this as often as we used to.  Looking forward to a good time.  But I went through some confusion regarding the tickets and so forth, as I was using the Reds website to purchase them, but it wouldn't allow me to print them at home (which I prefer to standing in line to obtain tickets I already bought, but that's just me).  So I went to StubHub, where people resell their tickets, and was able to find two at a good price in a good location and I WAS able to print the tickets online.  So hopefully they're not counterfeit or anything.

So, we'll continue to take the good with the bad, I suppose.  What else can we do?


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