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Duly noted

Here's a roundup of what's been floating through my brain for the last few hours/days/weeks.....

The Cincinnati Reds are 30 (THIRTY) games over .500 at this point in the season.  They enjoy their biggest lead in their division since 1995, and their "magic number" is eight.  This means that any combination of Reds wins and losses by the St. Louis Cardinals (their nearest competitor in the standings) will result in the Reds winnning the National League Central Division championship.  They may well have a Cy Young award winner among their pitching staff (Johnny Cueto) and the Rookie of the Year in the National League (Todd Frazier).  Good times, baby.

I recently considered adding a monitor to my home computer setup (I use a Macbook Air with a wireless external keyboard and mouse here at home and the Air alone when traveling), having played around with the same arrangement by temporarily setting up a small television as a monitor a while back.  I sold the TV but the monitor idea kind of stuck with me.  Then I read about laptop computer stands, which elevate the screen to eye level.  So I examined the possibilities and bought one, thinking that it would live up to its claim of reducing the strain on my neck and shoulders.  Turns out that the stand CAUSED more strain than it reduced, so that little guy (which was quite attractive and matched my Macbook Air) is heading back to Amazon today.

I was traveling by car back from Nashville late yesterday afternoon/early last evening, and stopped in a small town between Bowling Green and Elizabethtown for a quick bite at a McDonald's (stop it, I like McDonald's occasionally).  Noticed two things of interest:  1)  Some McDonald's units have now added calorie information to their menu boards.  Very helpful if you're conscious of same, but a little odd, when you consider that McDonald's wouldn't be your first choice when you're really watching those calories!  2)  It was a little unusual seeing an Amish family (at least I believe they were Amish) drive their horse-driven carriage into the parking lot, walk into the restaurant, order food and eat.  I'm not speaking negatively of the Amish, but since my understanding of their ways come largely from popular culture, I wasn't aware that they would frequent a fast-food establishment.

Who's running Mitt Romney's campaign, anyway, the Keystone Kops?  I know everyone isn't a supporter of President Obama, but whomever determined that Romney and his election efforts would benefit from his campaign's actions of the last 36 hours relative to the tragedy in Libya really didn't think things through.

I noticed online this morning that Jim Calhoun, the head basketball coach at Connecticut, is going to announce his retirement this morning.  It's my understanding that he's experienced multiple medical issues for the past few years, and he's probably reached an age where he just cannot keep up the pace necessary to be competitive.

And that brings me to one Billy Clyde Gillispie, former men's basketball coach at Kentucky and now (in name, anyway) the coach of same at Texas Tech.  Apparently scores of folks have complained about his treatment of players, coaches, adminstrative staff, media and probably the folks who sell the popcorn at the university's arena, too.  The guy had two very rough years at Kentucky and by all accounts here his problems were largely self-inflicted.  He's presently at the Mayo Clinic, allegedly, but it seems to me that he's hiding behind sick leave in order to avoid being fired.  Kind of like a kid claiming a stomachache to avoid taking a test for which he's unprepared.  Kind of sad, really.

During my trip to Nashville on Tuesday I happened to listen to a new channel's replay of the actual broadcasts of NBC's coverage of the events of September 11, 2001.  At first I was afraid I'd feel that I was being morbidly curious, but gradually was reminded of how well NBC (and all news outlets, really) gathered and disseminated information as they received it, working hard to separate fact from speculation, indicating what had been verified versus what was unconfirmed.  Impressive.


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