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Here's what constitutes a "good" weekend

Morning, all.....just a few comments about this and that today.....but mostly revolving around the recently completed three-day Labor Day weekend, the unofficial signal that summer is over, for all intents and purposes.

Our weekend started with a nice dinner out at a favorite restaurant, and a trip to Target that didn't blow our budget (always a nice surprise).  Then on Saturday, Kentucky played football at the University of Louisville's newly expanded stadium.  Both teams had new coaches on display and the weather was absolutely perfect--mid '70's, breezy and sunny.  In other words, the kind of day you want to bottle and save for later.  Anyway, Kentucky played masterfully during the first half, not so much the second and came out on top.

Sunday we had our granddaughter for the afternoon, then her parents had dinner with us when they came to retrieve her.  Again, another nearly perfect day weatherwise, so great weather for grilling.

Yesterday I was scheduled to play golf with some friends, but my sports announcer friend asked if I could instead join him at the radio station from which his daily radio program originates for some on-air banter and companionship.  His show is fairly new and he wanted to try out the dynamics of having a second voice in the studio with him.  The larger net effect, though, was that instead of being gone for five hours or more yesterday I was free by 10:30, which meant I could treat my wife to a day of running around and dining out, or what she refers to as a "Rick day."  We went and looked at paint samples (about time to repaint the house interior and the exterior trim), got some shoe insoles and socks, had a sandwich out and picked up a couple more things.

Wound up at home watching my Reds go down in defeat to Colorado 10-5 (third loss in the last four games, all against top-shelf pitching), and then we ordered a pizza.

Just about perfect.  So good, in fact, that I want to do it again next week.  But we can't, as we'll only have two days.


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