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Rain? In June?

Good morning from central Kentucky, where we're in the midst of some Hurricane Bill powered rain and severe weather.

This is always an interesting phenomenon when we here in Kentucky, this far inland, feel the effects of a hurricane or tropical storm.  But that's what's going on weather-wise here.  Yesterday I had an office day at home, except for a trip out for two errands and lunch with a pal, and noticed three different instances where rain seemed imminent.  It only rained once where I live, but that was a pretty substantial downpour.

And I have to get in the car in about an hour for a trip south to see two clients.  Crossing my fingers.....

My most sincere sympathies to those affected by the church shootings in Charleston, SC.  It just depresses me so when I see what we humans are doing to one another yet again.  Coincidentally, I managed to watch "Schindler's List" again recently in several installments.  My wife is often surprised that I've viewed it again, and I tell her that I feel the need to watch that movie periodically to remind myself that there are good people in this world and positive things can occur between those of different religions and origins.  It's a reminder we need even more when things like the Charleston shootings take place.

And in light of what happened there, one wonders about the motivations of someone like Rachel Dolezal, the recently resigned NAACP official in the Northwest who has created a firestorm of controversy because she appears to have been born white but "identifies," as she puts it, as black.  I've read comments from well-known African-Americans like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who say that despite the confusion about her origins that her efforts in the area of race relations and the pursuit of equality are admirable, and I would not dispute that.  But I think there's also a corresponding negative effect from someone who appears to have created a field of reality distortion about her own issues.

And then there's Donald Trump.

See what I did there?  That's all I really have to say.  Donald Trump.  I'm laughing as I type this....

I would also like to take this opportunity to commend my battered Cincinnati Reds, whose clubhouse probably resembles a M*A*S*H unit these days.  There was a recent period where eight different players were placed on the disabled list, yet this team is playing better than .500 baseball in the last couple of weeks, with an assortment of utility players and career minor leaguers, many of whom are playing out of position but playing hard and in many cases producing.  Established players like Joey Votto and Jay Bruce are contributing to the Reds' success, but so are many less well known players, like Ivan de Jesus, Jr.  Let's see if they can keep this up and make things at least a little more interesting.

The golf world is focused on the Pacific Northwest this week, as the 115th U.S. Open is being played on a unique course called Chambers Bay, outside of Tacoma, Washington.  When I turned the TV on after lunch yesterday I thought I was watching highlights from the last British Open.  The grass is varying shades of green to brown, the greens are a splotchy mix of colors and apparently textures, and the ground underneath it all is rock-hard.  Needless to say, the players who got out while the course was soft yesterday scored far better than those who played later, when things got crusty and fast.  The great part about how the draw is structured for these events is that the tee-off schedule is reversed on day 2, so everyone gets a chance to play in the other type of conditions.

Tiger Woods managed to shoot 80 yesterday, which, in my mind, is like me shooting 100.  And I haven't done that in a few rounds, thank you very much.  In fairness, Tiger is still searching for his game, having switched swing coaches/"consultants" fourteen times in the past two years (not really, but it seems that way).  I watch this man, remembering how great he was just a few years ago, and think to myself "just hit the ball."  Really.  Less thinking once you're ready to hit a golf ball is actually a GOOD thing, I think.  As a result, I find that if I don't take practice swings that I actually hit the ball more the way I intended than if I swing at air two or three times to "envision" the shot, etc.  Works for me, anyway.

Thanks for making to the end.  Of the week, but also of this post.  Hope you have a good weekend.


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