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This entry isn't about any one subject....

First, I find it repugnant that BP is acting as though it's not REALLY their responsibility to clean up the massive and ever-growing oil slick that threatens to contaminate the Gulf of Mexico's coastal areas for the next several years.  Simply put, you break it, you bought it, in my opinion, so in that context it IS BP's responsibility.  But this doesn't really strengthen anyone's argument that "drill, baby, drill" is going to be the answer to our domestic energy needs, at least not without destroying the environment in any part of the country where drilling will take place.  

This, of course, does not in any way contemplate what happens to those who work the ocean for their livelihood, namely the commercial fishing and shrimping boats.  And I agree with those who wrote that they don't understand why this event has caused gasoline prices to spike 10 cents a gallon.

Glad to get that off my chest.

Saw that last night an unruly fan at Citizens' Bank Park in Philadelphia was tazed by police after he entered the playing field, a definite no-no.  This is the same place where a man deliberately vomited on neighboring fans after those neighbors saw to it that the man's friend was removed for bad behavior. Turns out the victim was a police officer from a neighboring community, out with his daughter.  And lest we forget, this is the same city where fans once booed Santa Claus.

The Kentucky media and blogosphere is up in arms after John Calipari's first Kentucky basketball team turned in a less-than-stellar classroom performance, among the lowest ranked in the Southeastern Conference.  I'm afraid it's this simple--you can have stand-up student-athletes who perform well in the classroom and play hard on the field or court, or you can have absurdly talented ballplayers whose primary interest in college is the athletics, and not the academic benefits.  Just can't have both.

The local newspaper just detailed some comings and goings from local television stations' news/weather staffs.  Really, can you imagine anything more thankless than having to pay dues at a small market or lower rated station, and moving very slowly and gradually up the ladder to bigger and bigger markets (if your talent allows)?  Good thing most businesses don't work that way, or else we'd all give up and work retail or something.

My blogger buddy from The Queen's Ramblings (check out her blog, there's a link here somewhere) is beginning to worry me with all of this talk about dresses, handbags and now mascara.  I mean, you'd think she's a GIRL or something!


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