New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Transition time

Good Tuesday afternoon to you all.

Fall has not fallen in most parts of the country.  In fact, given how wet our weather in central Kentucky has been up to this point of the year, we may not see the evidence of fall in the form of brightly colored leaves for a while yet.

But it's transition time for other reasons, too.  For example, in the past couple of weeks, both college and professional football began their 2014 seasons.  Always an exciting time for fans, since every team is in first place at the start of a new season!  And don't look now, but Kentucky won their first two games of the new season, and have already equalled their win total for the previous two seasons. A much tougher test is ahead Saturday, as the Cats travel to Florida to take on the Gators, but who knows?  Anything can happen.

My beloved Cincinnati Reds are also in transition, as they will most likely not play in the postseason this year, something they've managed to accomplish three of the last four seasons.  Injuries, lack of hitting (timely or otherwise) and some very poorly timed losing streaks have doomed my favorite team to mediocrity and a losing record.  But, as stalwart baseball fans always say, wait 'til next year!

Movies begin to transition from lightweight, youth-oriented summer fare into more adult-appeal films.  Have seen some advertisements for a few new films coming out soon, and, as with anything, some look better than others.  I am very much looking forward to Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" later in the season.

My work team is going to grow by about 300 percent in the next couple of weeks, a welcome addition.  We've been doing all right with things, but having staffing at the levels that were originally intended will make a big difference to our customer.

Will you get a new iPhone?  Think about it?  I won't, at least not yet, as my current cellphone contract isn't up until next June.  But my wife is probably going to be among those who get the new phone when it becomes available.  The announcement event is occurring as I write this, so Apple may be bringing out more neat stuff with the new phones.

Recently we bought some new furniture.  Liked all of it in the store, but it all looks and seems different here in the house. So we're working with the retailer to see what can be returned, exchanged, etc.  Wish us luck getting all of this worked out to our satisfaction!

One last thing to mention---next month my wife and I are planning a trip to Tennessee, where we plan to meet up with a former coworker and very good friend whom I have not seen in several years.  And I just found out that she's bringing her grandson with her, so the two of them will tour Tennessee from the western end in Memphis all the way east to Gatlinburg, where we'll see them.   What fun!

But that comes later.  For now, back to the grindstone!


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