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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ending well

Good Monday morning, everyone...hope you all had a great weekend!

A few things rattling around pertaining to things ending, and I suppose I should start with my beloved Cincinnati Reds, who ended their baseball season yesterday.  162 games filled with injuries and uneven performance, ending with a record well below .500 that did not qualify the team to play in the postseason, as they had three of the past four years.

But just in case you think that the last few games were downers, it's worth noting that on their way to wrapping up the season the Reds won Thursday against the Milwaukee Brewers, ending that team's postseason aspirations, and over the weekend won in come-from-behind fashion on Saturday with an extra-innings grand slam, no less, and then yesterday their wonderful pitcher Johnny Cueto drove in what would be the winning run to assure himself of a 20-win season, the first by a Reds pitcher since 1988.  As I am fond of saying, baseball is the greatest game of them all, as they were playing a Pittsburgh Pirate team that had only lost four times during September coming into the weekend, and won two of three.  So there you go.

Another ending was a Southeastern Conference losing streak for the University of Kentucky football team, as they outlasted Vanderbilt Saturday afternoon by a score of 17-7.  Not a pretty game, from all accounts, but it tallies the team's third win of the season nonetheless.  The Cats had not won a conference game in over two years, by the way.

Luckily for me, I appear to be ending a nasty cold or sinus disorder, which often happens to me in the spring and fall, when allergy sensitivity is at a high point.  Hacking and blowing, lots of fun for those around me, I'm sure, but if it's not over, it's pretty close.

My wife went out of town to visit her mother over the weekend, so I used some solo time to catch up on some TV that I knew would not interest her.  Via the PBS app on Apple TV, I watched "The Roosevelts:  An Intimate History" in fits and starts throughout the weekend wrapping that up last night.  Fascinating look at three very influential people, Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  And even though I'm something of a student of history, I learned a fair amount about each during the course of the miniseries.  Ken Burns is a remarkable maker of these types of films, by the way; I still watch his "Baseball" masterpiece every spring as a tuneup for the baseball season!

Finally, my work situation has been interesting lately, as we hire three new team members, and it has fallen to me to train and orient these folks, one each for the past two weeks, and the third person starts this morning.  Once that's done, things will change, as I've been juggling multiple responsibilities in anticipation of these folks joining our team.  So I suppose that's one more thing that will end well!


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