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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, Monday

Good Monday morning to all.  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Later today I'm going to be helping to orient a new employee (note that I did not use the non-word "orientate."  One of these days I'll do an entire blog entry on the fingernails-on-a-blackboard feeling I get from numerous very common grammatical errors.).  I'll be doing this each of the next three weeks.  I've done this many, MANY times, but I cannot say that I've done it when I myself have been this "new," having only started my current job in May.  But it will be good to fill out our team completely!  The only hiccup thus far is new hire #1 had difficulty finding our offices elsewhere for the HR portion of her orientation, but I was just advised that she arrived.

Had a couple of pretty awful customer service experiences recently, and while I could provide endless details of each, let's just say they were totally different from one another and involved completely different industries and products/services.  It's just sad that we more or less MUST expect customer service to be poor overall.

Have you seen "Guardians of the Galaxy?"  I have not, not sure if I want to, but in a mediocre summer for movies, it's apparently the box office champ.  Just wondering....

Isn't it funny how free, strong Wi-Fi makes about any place of business better, especially the ones that invite or encourage staying a while?  I took my wife to a medical appointment (involves her eyesight, so they require that the patient not drive afterward) this morning, and am cohabiting at a coffee-and-sandwich place.  One that's known for their wi-fi and lengthy customer stays.  I will be here for a bit, so it's fortunate that the Wi-Fi is good here.

I saw something that kind of amused me last week.  A former employer, which has been through an acquisition and is now apparently being sold to a large venture capital company, is now looking to ADD management talent to its ranks.  Presumably the new owners realize that the former ones thinned the ranks a little too much.  I love corporate America!

Confession--I watched the entire Apple presentation about their new products and services.  Ready to add to my existing arsenal of Apple products, but will wait until the right point (and contract interval, regarding a phone upgrade).

Last night my wife and I were scanning the television dial looking for something to watch.  The NFL game of the evening held no interest, so we wound up watching some stuff on the Cooking Channel.  Watched an episode of a show entitled "Carnival Eats," and it's about exactly that.  We saw, among other things, apple pie fries, smoked macaroni and cheese, a deep-fried cheeseburger, and a sloppy joe sandwich on two glazed doughnuts instead of a bun.

Then the next show was about sweets, forget the name, but the segment we watched before heading to bed concerned a candy shop in Portland, Oregon that makes their own caramel popcorn, infusing actual bits of popcorn into the caramel itself.  Then they make gumdrops from smoked sugar.  Quite something, I'm sure.  I was awake an extra hour from the indirect sugar rush.

All blogged out for now.  Have a good week!


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