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Monday, June 23, 2014

Tweet tweet

Friends, I've been wondering how many of my loyal readers are also active on Twitter.  I don't "tweet" that often, but sometimes do, just because I see, hear or experience something worth mentioning.  And I can tell you that I don't have that many Twitter followers, but a few that are active and take note of some of the stuff I post.  Here's a sampling:

Just complimented a delivery driver on his Batman sox. Answered that his visor and shirt matched, adding that his name is Bruce Wayne.
6/23/14, 11:43 AM
How about Blazin’ Billy? Another base hit, RBI, ten game hit streak, and oh, by the way, he just stole second.
6/21/14, 5:26 PM
Neighbor was out with a chainsaw at 4:00 AM clearing a tree that was partially blocking the street. Civic responsibility is great, but…
6/20/14, 8:13 AM
I must be living right, as I’ve been to four of these spots:
6/17/14, 3:43 PM
@RickieFowlerPGA's sartorial tribute to Payne Stewart was outstanding yesterday. Well done!
6/13/14, 9:50 AM
@neiltyson You're killing it today, sir.
6/13/14, 9:15 AM
If you were as taken with the @COSMOSonTV as I was, here's the passage read by the late Carl Sagan:
6/8/14, 10:22 PM
You get the idea.

That's my Twitter "name," "richardlexsmith."  If you have any interest in Twitter, set up a free account and follow me.  I like it because I can follow friends or famous people, learn about interesting articles and lots more stuff.  Fun and informative, and a lot faster than sifting through all of that without some sort of filter!

Hope to see you in the Twittersphere!


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