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Monday, November 7, 2011

Up to here

Tomorrow is election day in Kentucky, and I, for one, will be most glad when the current campaign is over.  Not because it's been a contentious race.  Not because there has been lots of mudslining.  Both are true, but I actually enjoy some political news here and there and Kentucky's down-and-dirty brand of politics is entertaining, to say the least.  And all of Kentucky's statewide offices, governor on down, are at stake in this election.

No, it's the robocalls that I will be happy to have gone.  This phenomenon hit Kentucky a few years ago, and now it seems that candidates from all parties for all offices are resorting to these calls.  They're annoying, not informative and disruptive to normal life, particularly if you work at home as I do.

What I don't get is how these are permitted, even if you're on the statewide telemarketing no-call list, as we are.  This warrants some investigation......

I have a good friend who makes a point of collecting signs that are illegally placed along the right of way (you know the ones, advertising going out of business sales, pizza places and the like), and I expect I'll see him later this week.  When I do I know he's going to regale me with tales of the political signs he's removed since the current campaign began.

Kentucky football fans are breathing again, as a new quarterback led the home team to victory on Saturday.  This came on the heels of news that our former football coach has decided to leave the area.  Guess he's had enough of the second-guessing that has plagued the team since his retirement.


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