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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So much to say

Not really, but at least I thought of a catchy title this time around.....

Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama this evening where a very pleasant fall evening is settling onto what I believe is pretty much the centerpoint of the state of Alabama.  Nice folks here, and I always enjoy my visits here.  I'm here on business until sometime Thursday.

Had a very memorable barbecue meal at a local restaurant chain called Full Moon Bar-B-Q.  Outstanding.  Pulled pork and sliced beef brisket, with baked beans and vinegar coleslaw and a toasted bun.  AND two "Half-Moon" cookies.  Wow.  Check it out if you like tasty barbecue and find yourself in the area!

Speaking of food, my wife and I visited a Wendy's in our home area on Saturday, in order to try the new "Dave's Hot and Juicy Cheeseburgers" (sans cheese for me, thanks).  Don't bother.  Wendy's has taken an above average hamburger and apparently diminished the quality and perhaps the size of the beef patties, and the "buttered bun" is actually toasted with "real butter flavor."  All in all, a disappointment, and one that will probably keep me from visiting Dave's place for a while.  I'm a Five Guys man these days, so when a burger craving hits me and I don't have time to make my own, Five Guys is where it's at for me.

Are you as astounded as I am that Herman Cain and Rick Perry are imploding right before our eyes, and the first primary is still about two and a half months away?  Since the average news cycle is about twenty minutes now, these guys need to pull themselves together quickly if they want to be part of the Republican process.

Kentucky's football team wore black uniforms Saturday night, something the previous head coach would not permit.  Didn't matter, as the new look didn't result in a different result.  The Cats lost again, and they're now 3-5 on the season.

And, finally, let us pause to reflect on the failed 77-day marriage of Kim Kardashian and her NBA basketball player hubby Kris Humphries.  Lots of lists floating around about things that have lasted longer than their marriage.  This blog, for example!


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