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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Andy Rooney would be proud

When I heard that just-retired CBS and "60 Minutes" commentator Andrew Rooney died last week, I was certainly saddened, but also glad that I got to hear some of his commentaries over the years that he appeared on and I watched "60 Minutes."

On Monday I host a conference call of my direct reports and one of my folks made a venting comment and then apologized for being such a "curmudgeon" today.  Well, I couldn't help but take that ball and run with it, and then the rest of the call became a complaint forum, as I asked each of my team members what was bothering them that day.  Mostly about work, of course, but some other extraneous comments were heard about sports, household things and the like.  And then I shared a couple of my favorite Rooneyisms.

One concerned the worth of the cotton that used to always come stuffed in the top of any kind of medication bottle.  I saw a clip of Andy with that commentary, saying, "So do they expect us to put it back once we get a pill out of the bottle?"  Good question.  I also read that he was against the Iraq War, the first one, and said that he used to think that he was against all war, but he thought back to when he arrived in Europe in World War II (he was a Stars and Stripes correspondent), and said that when he got a look at the Germans that he realized that we were right to enter the war.

I could go on, but it's easier and certainly better to simply Google him, as there are scores of Rooney clips making the rounds on YouTube and elsewhere.  Writing about the man doesn't do him justice.

Not long after I started writing this blog, a commenter, whom I know pretty well, asked something along the lines of whether that was Andy Rooney she was hearing.  Of course it wasn't, as there was and will be only one of those.

If Andy had come along fifty years later, he'd be blogging right alongside me, I'm sure.


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