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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interesting filmed entertainment

On another business trip, this time to Tucson, Arizona for organizational meetings through Friday morning.  So, last night, I had the opportunity to see an in-flight movie for the first time in a while.

I had a number of choices but settled on "Larry Crowne," the Tom Hanks written/produced/directed story of a man who is laid off from his second career in mid-life (his first career having been the Navy).  Hanks almost always plays a nice guy, and this is no exception.  The film features a varied cast of supporting players who were well chosen, but the most obvious good choice was Julia Roberts as a frustrated junior-college teacher (a close second was George Takei, of Star Trek Mr. Sulu fame).  Just a little over an hour and a half, a mostly light entertainment with a pleasant message about the possibilities presented by a major event like being laid off from a job.

Then, in the ultimate irony, I arose early this morning (two hours earlier here in Arizona than at home) and found "Up in the Air" on HBO.  That was a movie that features George Clooney (nominated for an Oscar for this role) as an ever-traveling corporate layoff specialist and what he encounters in his life on the road.  Or, in the air, as he flies from city to city, and espouses his preferences about travel and such.  I heard myself a couple of times in some of what Clooney's character espouses, but since he has no family with whom to share the benefits of his ceaseless travels, I think I have a better idea of the value of elite status on airlines and in hotels (why, I was upgraded on my flight to Tucson last night and hope that I will be equally rewarded on my return flight Friday morning).

What I found especially amusing is that in my company, this time of year used to be routinely the time when we would be reorganizing.  We don't do that much anymore, but you can imagine what I was thinking, after watching two movies where corporate "rightsizing" was such a prominent topic, as I walked into my meetings this morning.

Bonus---it was about 40 degrees warmer here in Arizona than it was back home in Kentucky!


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