New Shoes in the Rain

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Good and not as

Greetings, friends.  Taking a brief break from work to post this morning.

I think "unusual" is just the beginning when talking about weather.  We had deep cold for several days here in central Kentucky recently, but in the last few days it's been mostly wet and unseasonably mild.  Back closer to normal today, as it's 42 degrees as I write this, overcast and breezy.  I won't say "that's more like it," but I suppose it does seem more appropriate.

We were spared the ice storms that plagued spots southwest, west and north of us.  We've had two major ones in my memory, neither affected us too directly but I know folks who were hampered by them.  So best wishes to anyone in an ice-affected area.

I think I mentioned here recently that we had to buy a refrigerator.  Unfortunately, the unit came with a damaged handle.  The selling dealer shipped first one replacement to us, and when that was discovered to also be damaged (but in a different way) a second one was shipped.  The technician who "owned" the service ticket acted pretty put out that the first arrived in less-than-perfect condition, and replaced the second in a rushed and impatient manner, and was here for less than ten minutes.

Not long after he departed, I noticed a deep nick in the door of the refrigerator, just above the top of the handle.  Whether it was already there or this disgruntled technician damaged our door (purposely or otherwise), I was pretty unhappy.  My wife shocked me by saying "you can barely see it," but I wasn't having it, and called the dealer.  To my astonishment, the representative stated flatly that "we should just replace the entire unit, since you've had so much trouble with it.  We don't want you to be unhappy."  Astounding!

The new fridge arrives on 1/31.

I did not mention this dealer by name, but in a less successful situation, I'll mention the vendor--SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  We've been customers of theirs since buying my wife's car twelve years ago.  I renewed our subscription in October and shortly thereafter we began to experience ongoing signal drop-outs on a routine basis.  I reported this a total of FIVE times, three times by phone, twice by online chat.  One of the reps with whom I spoke (and they're offshore, making it even more challenging) actually told me that there was nothing they could do, and that I'd need to take the car back to my dealer for them to address.  The last such attempt was late last week, and I spoke with a pretty nice man who was very apologetic.  He, as the others, assured me that I would hear back from someone about this.

I received a call yesterday, from someone based in Washington, where Sirius is headquarters.  Turns out this is a known issue, that AT&T changed their cellular transmission pattern and interfered with the repeater system that Sirius uses to deliver its signal.  The woman said that it should be resolved in the next week or two.  But what she couldn't answer is why no one along the line would or could tell me that, particularly since this was supposedly circulated to their Listener Care line.

If any of you have satellite radio service anymore, I'd be curious to know what your experience has been regarding this specific issue or others.

The parade of cabinet nominees continues on Capitol Hill.  The group, which more than one pundit has compared to "the crew of a pirate ship," has generated some interesting reaction from Democrats, but it looks like most will endure the process and be confirmed.  And I hear that there's some ceremony in Washington on Friday.  Can't wait to hear how that goes.


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