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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today's list

I have a bunch of random and unconnected items to bring up, so here's a list from my brain purge...

Blockbuster announced that it's closing its remaining 300 or so stores by early 2014.  I worked for a videotape rental store in the early 80s.  Honestly, if you had told me then that people could rent a movie by clicking a couple of buttons on their TV remote, or, better yet, visit a vending machine to pick up a movie to watch tonight, I would have thought you insane!

Hard to imagine a professional football player being bullied, but that is exactly the scenario that's playing out in Miami right now.

Rand Paul apparently wasn't graded hard enough when he wrote term papers in school, if he's this willing to use other people's words without proper attribution.

Someone else whose work I read mentioned this, but the NFL really is all about the quarterbacks.  In Monday night's game between Chicago and Green Bay, both teams were forced to use their backup QBs due to injuries to the starters.  Didn't hold my interest at all.

Prechopped frozen onions and green peppers have become a nice go-to for starting a meal at our house.

I just found out that, at my current income level, I make more money than a large percentage of other Americans.  I don't know how that's good news for them OR me.

Did you see the story about the two planes full of skydivers that collided in midair?  Miraculous that no one was seriously injured....

I noticed that Colorado is now going to tax the marijuana that it legalized a while back.  Experts have said for decades that the way to control drugs is to legalize and tax them, removing the criminal element.  I'm not sure if that's so, but I suppose we'll find out something about this as things unfold in that state.

Multiple stores will give me a gift card if I trade in my existing iPad and buy a new one.  If they'll give me 90 cents on the dollar of what I paid, then MAYBE.

The NBA regular season just began.  Yawn.

Kentucky's college basketball team begins its season later this week.  All right!

The Cincinnati Reds made a "qualifying offer" to free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo of $14.1 million dollars.  He apparently has seven days to decide whether to accept.  I guarantee you it wouldn't take me nearly that long.


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