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Monday, November 25, 2013

Allow me to vent for a moment

Friends, on the start of this week of national Thanksgiving (yes, it's a week, I think, since the morning news shows led off today talking about "Thanksgiving week"), I have a few things I'd like to pose as rhetorical questions....

Starting with last night's NFL game between the Broncos and the Patriots....NBC persisted in calling it "Manning vs. Brady XII" or somesuch, identifying the quarterbacks for each team.  To be fair, New England's Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts and now of the Denver Broncos, have played against one another numerous times, but they have something like 48 teammates, so it's not a solo act on either side.  Plus, since they're both quarterbacks, they don't technically play AGAINST each other, but that's quibbling.

I'm already sick of Black Friday and it isn't even here yet.  My wife asked me over the weekend why they call it that, and I used to think that it was some sort of overdone ominous thing.  Turns out that it's significant of the day when many retailers move "into the black," or profitable performance, for the year.

But if you've noticed, whether on TV, in print or online, Black Friday "deals" and such can be had NOW and I'd bet some sale events after that particular day will be called "Black Friday" events nonetheless.  For my part, there's one item that I want to buy for a family member that is a Black Friday special, and it's a legitimately great deal under the item's regular price.  So imagine my relief when the retailer in question offered to let "select" customers buy it online now, rather than trekking to the store on THAT day.

And one more thing.  That "DAY" starts Thursday night as early as 5:00 PM at some retailers.  Yes, that means that retail clerks, who don't make enough money to begin with, are going to have to give up at least part of their Thanksgiving "holiday" to work.  Dig around online, as I know that I saw a list of the national retailers who are NOT going to open at any time on Thanksgiving Day.  They get first preference.

I also saw a headline online about Kim Kardashian having some sort of online auction and making a big thing of donating some percentage of the proceeds to Philippines typhoon relief.  Um, Kim, why aren't you donating ALL of the proceeds?

And if you've not donated to help those in that calamitous situation, you can even donate to the American Red Cross through Apple's iTunes, quick and painless.

The United States Senate's Democratic caucus went "nuclear" last week and voted to successfully change the filibuster rules that have tied up that body for five years.  About time.

Finally, this is the time of year when I start missing people whom I don't see enough or at all, due to distance and other constraints.  I'll bet that you have someone in your life who fits that description, too.  Make sure to get in touch soon, don't wait, you'll benefit from having done it!

That's enough for now!


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