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Friday, January 13, 2012

How in the world.....?

Another random collection of even more random observations about.....random subjects.  I chose the wording of the first sentence.....(wait for it) random.

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Anyway, here we are, about midway through the first month of 2012.  Are you still dating things 2011, as I am?  I don't write many checks anymore, since we do most of our banking electronically, and that, above all else, used to be the primary area for mistakes.  Now it's all over the place, with reports, expense requests, reservations, etc.  And I always love the incriminating wording our computers use:  "This event occurs in the past and cannot be added to your calendar."  Thanks a lot.

Funny how Mitt Romney finished the Iowa caucuses in a dead heat with Rick Santorum and won New Hampshire's presidential primary election in a walk, yet he walked away from New Hampshire with a very small amount of momentum.  Seems that a couple of his opponents have seized on the opportunity to criticize him for his work with private equity firm Bain Capital, and the companies that were gutted and sold off or closed during his tenure.  Funny they didn't think of this before.  And since it's high season in presidential politics, I miss the late, great Tim Russert of NBC.  It just isn't the same without him.

Tebowmania continues in the football world, as the former University of Florida quarterback/battering ram/resident Christian athlete is now running the Denver Broncos' offense.  The Broncs beat the estimable but aging (and beaten up) Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend to win the privilege of visiting the mighty New England Patriots tomorrow night.  I swear, I believe I'd root for escapees from Alcatraz against the Patriots.

Kentucky's basketball team eked out a road win this week but local fans are asking what's wrong with their boys.  That means all's right in the Bluegrass State.

More evidence of the statement above being accurate....the Kentucky Department of Agriculture announced that they're working with the Kentucky State Auditor to determine the whereabouts of nearly $500,000 worth of office and other equipment that now appears missing.  The departing Secretary, former Wildcat Richie Farmer, lost his bid for Lieutenant Governor in November and is now unemployed.  One would hope that he and his appointees didn't think that folks wouldn't notice that they didn't turn in their laptop computers, GPS units and such when they left office.  The new Agriculture Secretary is a Republican, like Farmer, so one cannot make the argument that this is simply a partisan smear campaign.

I saw a news item about a very bright high school student in New York who's a finalist for a prestigious science award....and she and her family are homeless.  Now it appears that the family will get help in locating a new home.  Why do people have to be publicized before they get the help that may have already existed?

I started painting our downstairs interior last fall, and only have the kitchen and living room (with its daunting 14-foot vaulted ceilings) left to complete my project.  Somewhere along the line I lost my motivation, so if you happen to see it....

Finally, I appreciate that my employer observes Martin Luther King, Jr. day next Monday by closing and giving all of its employees the day off.  The biggest drawback I see is that there won't be another company holiday until late May.  Better enjoy the long weekend while I can.


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