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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fifteen minutes

Andy Warhol once supposedly said that everyone in the world will be famous to some degree for fifteen minutes.  Since I worked in radio many moons ago, I suppose that would qualify as my "fifteen minutes," but I am fond of saying to my wife and friends that "____'s fifteen minutes should be just about over, shouldn't they?"  Here's a sampling of who I think fits that mold now:

NANCY GRACE:  I know she has quite a following and a nightly show on CNN's HLN channel, but this irritating former prosecutor seems to surface to weigh in on anything remotely related to "legal" issues.  She's currently all over the place screaming about Casey Anthony (who should probably also be on this list, but isn't for no particular reason) and her recently discovered "video diary" that all of the news outlets are talking about.  Grace is shrill, a terrible interviewer and very opinionated, which makes her perfect for the cable news landscape, I suppose.

DONALD TRUMP:  Known for being rich and a major blowhard.  One of the funniest things I ever read was the chapter of Rick Reilly's book "Who's Your Caddy?" (in which the sportswriter author spends one chapter each caddying for various folks in the golf world and otherwise) devoted to The Donald.  I don't think I need to say anything more, save to ask him for HIS birth certificate.

KATHY GRIFFIN:  Comic who seems to be in the news frequently for the wrong reasons.  She apparently co-hosted CNN's coverage of New Year's Eve (why is CNN covering this, when other networks do this for entertainment purposes?) with Anderson Cooper (who, thanks to his daily talk show, is watching his journalistic credibility wane by the day) and she is reported to have taken off her top.  But, no, she's not just trying to get our attention.  Nooooooooooo.......

RUSH LIMBAUGH:  I liked Rush when I first heard his syndicated radio show back in the mid '80's.  He was funny, insightful and had an interesting way of looking at things.  That was over twenty years ago, and he's no longer any of those things, in my opinion.  But the cash keeps tumbling in, so Rush keeps at it, and makes himself into even more and more of a buffoon each day.

ROSIE O'DONNELL:  Another comic who fell backwards into hosting talk shows, and she's now on Oprah Winfrey's cable channel with a daily show.  She also just became engaged to marry another woman, which is all fine, but why should we care about anything she does?  Since she came out of the closet she's made a lot of noise about gay rights and such, but does she really think she's a credible spokesperson for that movement?

BOBBY KNIGHT:  No, I won't call him "Bob," as many have taken to doing.  The name I used sounds more petulant, which is fitting this spoiled brat of a disgraced college basketball coach who has always thought he's beyond the scrutiny of mere mortals like you and me.  Also fitting that he counts Tony LaRussa, the pompous and hypocritical former baseball manager, among his best friends.

SARAH PALIN/MICHELE BACHMANN/CHRISTINE O'DONNELL/NIKKI HALEY:  They're all essentially the same person, at least in the press they appear to be. And that's all I have to say on this entry.

JIMMY FALLON:  Sorry, you're not funny.  Never were.  Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since the early 80's, and to think that a much more recent version of that show launched your "career."  Funniest thing that has happened on his late night show was his bandleader's choice of intro music for Michele Bachmann's appearance recently.  I'm not going to reference it here in my PG-13 blog, but Google that phrase to see what I mean, if you like.

I could go on, of course, but that's a pretty good list right now of who I'm simply tired of.  Hopefully, it will be a different list this time in 2013.


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