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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sick of being sick....

I know, it's just the start of the "cold and flu" season, but I am already tired of not feeling 100 percent.  Permit me to vent for a moment (they say it's good for your health, you know) on the reasons.....

Ongoing business travel....I spend six to twelve nights away from home each month for my job, and that doesn't even begin to account for how many days I'm out of the confines of our humble abode.

Lots of contact with the public.....honestly, I don't know where you've been, or if you've EVER washed your hands, yet, here I am, with my hand extended to shake yours.  And vice versa.

Eating strange things at strange, there's a recipe for disaster just waiting to happen.

Oh, and I travel a lot by plane.  Yessir, nothing worse than an airplane cabin full of others who are in various stages of distress of one kind or another.

What I have right now are the last vestiges of your garden-variety cold.  Started with some back-of-throat discomfort last week, as I was prepping for an important meeting with my superiors (a kind of 'defending your life' exercise, or so I suspected).  Exacerbated by cooling my heels for three or four extra hours while flying to Tampa last week, blossoming into full cold by Thursday night and spent the weekend with a number of medications to treat my symptoms.

And, despite my wife's protestations, I'm not one to go to the doctor unless the thing hangs on for days and days and days.  If I'm still puny by the end of the second week, it's not just a cold, and I freely acknowledge and address it accordingly.  But I'm just about at the one week stage, and am ejecting a lot of material right now (and that's as much detail as I should give in my "PG" blog).

But I feel like it's been ages, not a little less than a week.  And I'm ready to feel better.  I mean, come on, there's turkey and stuff to eat in just a couple of days!  And football games to attend this weekend!  And then more business travel after that!

I'll live, but may not live very well for the next day or two.


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