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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothing in particular

Here's an entry that very nearly defies description, as indicated by the riveting title of this post.....

Clint Hurdle will be named manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the next day or two.  Wish him and the team well, but this organization has been mailing it in for so long they have a longer futility streak than my beloved Cincinnati Reds broke this past season.  Hurdle's a good baseball man and I thought he'd get another shot at managing.

Are you as puzzled by the Dallas Cowboys' strong play yesterday under their new interim coach (and former offensive coordinator), Jason Garrett?  Where was all of this wide open offensive creativity when Garrett was working under Phillips?  Why are the players playing better for him?  Will it continue?  Who knows?

And in the "who cares?" department, we have Brett Favre, who threw three interceptions in the Vikings' loss to the Chicago Bears yesterday.  And then told the press he had no regrets in coming back, etc.  He's setting the stage for his exit, whether due to age, infirmity or a league suspension for the misconduct of which he's been accused.

Heard a great story about a bride who was essentially left at the altar.....and then decided to donate the food from the reception to the Salvation Army.  Well done, young lady.  See, fellas, there ARE good women out there!

Had a great conversation with a good friend while I was driving home from a business trip Friday night. This lady used to work for me but we've become pals since our reporting relationship ended and she ultimately changed employers.  As I told her, I would not have believed that I'd have (and so much enjoy) a chat that concerned cars, grandchildren and bodily functions with a woman to whom I'm not related.  All while driving 80 miles an hour.  Is this a great country, or what?


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