New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've been wondering.....

....about a number of different, unrelated things.  Here's a sampling:

I've been wondering why we're all asked to help the homeless and the needy during the holidays.  Don't those people need help all year?

I've been wondering why University of Kentucky sports fans are so frequently among the most loyal yet the most fickle known to the sporting world?  A new football coach takes a team with a talented offense, yet a largely inexperienced defense, makes changes in several key coaching positions, and still comes out with a record equal to last year's, and he's considered a failure by many?  Or a basketball coach, in only his second year leading the program, and finding it necessary to replace just about all of the all-universe talent he recruited before last season, is now being roundly criticized for having lost ONE November?

C'mon, people, please.  Give these guys a chance.

I've been wondering how the Republican party leaders and prominent members can continue to ignore the elephant in their room....Sarah Palin is very popular, so the party establishment (including talk radio) is unwilling (or unable) to criticize her appropriately, which only makes her next set of remarks all the more inflammatory.  And damaging to their 2012 presidential aspirations.

I've been wondering who's watching "The Event" on NBC.  My wife and I gave up after one episode and the first five minutes of the next installment.  I suppose the American television way is now to be spoonfed a complex and wholly unbelievable plotline, so that the masses can understand it, a la "Lost," which we also discarded after a short time.  But the damned thing just didn't make a lot of sense to me.

I've been wondering why we should care....AT ALL....about the Kardashian sisters.  They seem to be everywhere right now.  Why?

I've been wondering how the Wikileaks leader can sleep at night, knowing he's endangering people and nations by persisting in exposing classified documents.

I've been wondering how anyone can stay on a diet anywhere between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

I've been wondering how NFL players are fined and suspended now for helmet-to-helmet hits, whether intentional or not, but how two players from the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans, respectively, both took off each other's helmets and started slugging each other during Sunday's game....but neither was suspended for deliberate acts of violence.

I've been wondering how an airline (we won't name names here) can cause numerous delays and furnish me with a nice bunch of extra miles for my trouble, yet jack up the miles-needed price of a couple of free tickets because we waited an extra two weeks to purchase the tickets.  But I still appreciate the ability to use miles to buy tickets for myself or loved ones anyway.

If you happen to know the answers to any of these questions, please contact me ASAP!


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