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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The vagaries of blogging

I work for a company that has a policy specifically written in reference to blogs and other online commenting mechanisms (Twitter and the like, I would think).  This policy expressly prohibits employees of the company from mentioning or speaking about the inner workings of the company on personally maintained weblogs or other online journals.  Funny, I find the very act of blogging to be a nice departure from thinking about work, so the last thing I'd want to do is blog about work.....

And in the year-plus I've blogged here, I can honestly say it's been fun and a real pleasure and something of a creative release for me to post my thoughts and comments here, regardless of the limitations my company places on me and my fellow employees.  And I don't think I've yet posted anything just because I felt it was time to put up a new entry, or that I owed it to my readers (whomever and however many you are) to blog.  If you sense that to be happening, call me on it.

I read numerous other blogs, too.  Most are from folks far more professional than I, or those who have insights on some of my favorite subjects that I do not have.  And I think those authors follow the same rules of thumb that I do.

That said, I also have a Twitter account, and my postings there are almost always one of two things:  1) a link to this blog, and 2) a response to something posted by someone whom I follow.  But I suppose one could consider Twitter a microblogging vehicle, though I've never used it as such.  Perhaps I should.

I looked back at some of the more recent posts I've made here, and the subject matter is pretty diverse.  More diverse than I am, probably.  Hope that keeps things interesting for those who read it.


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