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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A handful of little things

Funny, when I have a few odds and ends to post, I have the hardest time deciding what title to use for that particular post, and today's is no exception.....

My Cincinnati Reds are not having much fun on their current business trip.  After winning many games in a row, they visited St. Louis Friday through Sunday and came away with one win.  Better than some trips, but I was hopeful that their play would be a little better.  But a win's a win, no matter how you slice it.  Then they traveled to Denver, a city near my heart because our daughter and her family live in that area, to face the Colorado Rockies for a four game set.  No better.  The Reds have not won in Colorado since 2008, and the futility continues.  Most of the Reds regular players aren't hitting, except all-universe first baseman Joey Votto (so much for the Sports Illustrated jinx), and the pitching has been less than great, too. One more game out yonder, then the boys head home for the healing salve of playing the Pirates and the Diamondbacks over the following few days.

My son and I will be present in Cincinnati a week from today to indulge in what I'm terming a social experiment.  As other teams have done, the Reds last year began offering 'all you can eat' seats in a specific part of the ballpark (i.e., a part of the park where they seldom sell the tickets).  For the princely sum of $20 per person, we receive a seat (aisle seats at that, the ticket agent told us!) and a wristband which will entitle us to visit the designated concession stand and enjoy all of the popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs and soft drinks we desire.  Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love of popcorn, and if you give me enough soft drinks to wash it down, that could be monumental.  And peanuts and hot dogs, too!  Thankfully, beer isn't part of the promotion, else we'd have to get hotel rooms and a cab ride to them!

I'll report back here after the festivities.

I have XM Satellite Radio, which I know now to be part of the Sirius/XM system, and have had for about five years.  I have a unit on my desktop, and both of our cars are thusly equipped (that's what started it).  And, true to my profile's mention of me liking a lot of music but seldom by performers younger than I am, I stick to channels that will play stuff I like.  There's a Bruce Springsteen channel which is kind of my go-to channel, and I also like the '60's and '70's channels, too.  Once in a while a channel I listen to will play something I've never heard, but I'm never moved to go out and buy a CD (or download it, in the current parlance).  Suppose that's what my subscription replaces---the $20 or more per month I used to spend on recorded music.

Anyway, I was thinking about this because in my iPod recently I happened upon a great old song by Elton John called "Roy Rogers," from the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" album.  I suppose that you could say no one's writing songs like that (written by Elton and his lyricist, Bernie Taupin) anymore, and more's the pity.  Go check it out if you're unfamiliar.

Speaking of iPods, I don't do playlists.  Ever.  I like to put an album on, like I used to do when I owned albums or as I do if I pop a CD into the car player, and listen to it.  But I'm a pretty good DJ when I feel eclectic, so I suppose I could invest some time in that playlist assembly process, but why?

The University of Kentucky is looking for a new president, as of yesterday.  Our outgoing president set his goal for UK to be in the top 20 in the country.  Last rankings I saw, we still hadn't cracked the top 100.   Hmm.....could our inability to retain staff due to budgetary reasons have something to do with our lack of progress?

Seen any good movies lately?  Last one I saw was "Inception," so good I saw it twice.  Read an article about how few movies come out that appeal to adults, and isn't that the truth?

That's enough for now.


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