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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

RED October!

They did it.  Earlier than anyone thought they were capable.  The Cincinnati Reds are the CHAMPIONS of the National League's Central Division.

Thank GOD!

It's been difficult to watch this team play well most of the year, swoon a bit recently (only to have their archrival the St. Louis Cardinals swoon even more) and get tantalizingly close to their goal.....but not that quickly!  But they got there last night, in dramatic fashion with a walk-off home run by a homegrown player, Jay Bruce.  Fitting, I think.

And I also think that a lot of teams don't really want to play the Redlegs in the postseason.  Why?  Here are a few reasons:

1.  Joey Votto is supernatural at the plate, and seems so often to come up with a big, run producing hit just when the Reds need it most.

2.  Defense...the Reds are at or near the top of the National League's standings when it comes to defense.  And you can certainly do yourself a lot of good when you catch the ball consistently.

3.  Clutch hitting, which has been somewhat AWOL lately, has been a hallmark of this team all season.  And most opponents know that.

4.  Pitching.  Starting and relief, the Reds are solid up and down in the pitching department, and we all know that good pitching wins games.  PERIOD.

We don't know when the Reds will play in the postseason, but what does it matter?  They WILL be playing postseason baseball games for the first time since 1995.

How about that?


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