New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Good early Tuesday morning from COLD central Kentucky!

It's a balmy 11 degrees as I write this (outside; thankfully, it's a little warmer inside our house!) and there's talk of snow for tomorrow and again at week's end.  Oh, boy.

I was very surprised and saddened to hear of the death of founding Eagle Glenn Frey yesterday.  He was still a relatively young man, 67 at his passing.  His group's music is a part of the soundtrack of my life, honestly, and while I really liked most all of the Eagles' work, I probably gravitated more to the songs where Frey handled the vocals than those performed by his cowriter and the group's drummer, Don Henley.  Won't name them all here, but I'd bet that if you're close to me in age that you can at least hum several of the songs sung by Glenn Frey.

I've always told my wife that when my favorite ballplayers, musicians and actors begin to pass away that I'll begin to feel my own mortality just a bit more, and that's starting to happen, as it must.

Complete change of subject--we watched some of the last Democratic and Republican Presidential debates recently.  No minds have been changed in our household, but it still astounds me that so many people feel that Donald Trump is well-suited to being President, and therefore the leader of the free world.

Just yesterday Trump apparently told an audience somewhere that when he's President, he's going to force Apple to "start building its damn computers and things in this country." And the crowd reacted positively.  The part that I find frightening is that no one among those cheering such a statement seems to realize that the President has no real authority over such things, at least none that I know of.  He also has implied that he'd charge Ford a 35% tariff on cars manufactured in Mexico.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton scored another debate win Sunday night, but all of the pundits seem to believe that the former Secretary of State has difficulty translating her performance on the debate stage into the "retail" politics necessary to win states like Iowa and New Hampshire.  Time will tell, I suppose, but this same pattern was present in 2008, when a relatively unknown Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama came into the Democratic race and, well, you know the rest.  Clinton went from "inevitable" to "unsuccessful."

Tough times for the Kentucky basketball team.  They lost a 12 point lead and the game at Auburn on Saturday.  Coach John Calipari has been telling anyone who'll listen that his current team, while talented, is NOT as loaded as last year's team, which went through the season virtually unchallenged until the NCAA tournament.  And we're seeing that now.  Some heralded freshmen have not met expectations, and a couple of the more experienced players that returned from last year's team have not fulfilled their potential either.  As Calipari states, it's only January, but time to improve is slipping away.

Finally, the Denver Broncos will host the hated New England Patriots on Sunday to decide which team will represent the AFC in the next Super Bowl.  The Broncos limped down the stretch, reinstalling veteran quarterback Peyton Manning in their season ending must-win game a couple of weeks ago.  Manning played well enough amid heavy winds and a rash of dropped passes on Sunday, but the Broncos' offense clicked when it had to and the defense held the Pittsburgh Steelers in check long enough to assure victory.

I find it a little funny when sports analysts start talking about "Brady vs. Manning," referring to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  The quarterbacks are not on the field at the same time, of course, yet the media insists that it's another showdown between these two legendary players.  Should be fun to see what happens.


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