New Shoes in the Rain

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Glad that's over...

Well, folks, we had about ten inches of snow here in central Kentucky Friday, give or take, and most all of it is gone now.  Good riddance, I was sore for three days from shoveling!

I'm posting at an unusual time (for me, anyway) because a system I access for work purposes is not responding right now.  Done about everything else that does not require that system, so here we are.

Monday I was out of town for meetings and when I arrived in a very small town for one of those meetings, I spied a car wash.  Good, I thought, I'll wash all of this salt off.  At that moment the outside temperature was in the high 40s.  So I got the least expensive wash and congratulated myself on my good fortune.

Then I drove home.  The snow melt created lots of nice puddling on the road, puddles which were filled with road gunk and, of course, salt.  So no better.  I'll wait a while next time.

There are still pillars of shoveled, packed snow flanking the entrance to our driveway.  They're quite a bit shorter than they were Saturday, after I shoveled, but they're still a reminder of that large system.

I'm just grateful that we didn't experience what happened in the Washington, DC area.  Mind-boggling that a city that large and that receives bad weather on a semi-regular basis would struggle so with snow.  But struggle they do.  The federal government was shut down these last couple of days, and on the national news last night we saw footage of some deep snow still present in many areas.

Speaking of shutting down, I was amused by Donald Trump's decision to skip this week's debate, owing to his ongoing feud with one of the on-air hosts from Fox News.  Took his ball and went home, so to speak.  I still maintain that if/when Trump loses a primary, he will withdraw from the race.  If he's not on top or in front in anything, he moves on.  I don't foresee that this will be any different.

Since my last post I saw that former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has let it be known that he "may" consider an independent run for the White House.  Sounds as though it will depend on who is, or is not, the nominee from each party.

Locally, our mayor, an affable fellow named Jim Gray, has announced that he will challenge current Senator Rand Paul, who's busy unsuccessfully running for President himself at this writing.  This is interesting because Gray just won reelection as Mayor and is openly gay.  He acknowledges that this may present a challenge in some areas of Kentucky (outside the cities, as one would expect) but that he thinks voters will be more interested in his record of success than his sexual orientation.  We'll see if he's right.

The Denver Broncos are going back to the Super Bowl, apparently for one last rodeo with quarterback Peyton Manning.  Manning will most likely not be back with the Broncos and may not be playing football next season.  He's been a very good quarterback throughout his career, but his 39 years are showing.  Here's hoping he and the rest of the team turn in a good performance and end the season with a win.

Finally, in a show of uber-organization, I want my loyal readers to know that I am nearly ready to file my 2015 taxes.  Hey, if there's money coming, why wait?


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