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Monday, December 21, 2015

'Tis the season!

Greetings, friends!  This will likely be my last post before Christmas, so let me first say that I appreciate your visits to my blog page.  I hope that you find this as enjoyable and interesting to read as I do to write!  I also hope, for you and yours, that you have a safe and happy holiday season, without travel difficulties, family illnesses or other things that can limit our enjoyment of such a special time of year!

That said, I want to share a quick "naughty or nice" list, in keeping with the Christmas season!

NAUGHTY:  The Democratic National Committee, for grossly overreacting to an apparent data breach that allowed members of Bernie Sanders' Presidential campaign to see voter information from the campaign of Hillary Clinton.  The DNC chair was Secretary Clinton's national chairperson in 2008, so this strikes me as a conflict of interest.  So she's naughty.

NICE:  Jeb Bush, for finally referring to Republican front-runner Donald Trump as a "jerk" during a campaign event.  Saying what we all think here, I believe.

NAUGHTY:  Pete Rose, who was again denied reinstatement into baseball.  Sorry, Pete, but you signed an agreement acknowledging things that you have since said were not accurate or didn't apply to you.  You knew what you were agreeing to, so you have no complaint coming.

NICE:  Todd Frazier, the former third baseman of the Cincinnati Reds.  Frazier said only positive things about the Reds after they traded him to the Chicago White Sox, and he's a new dad, too, so there's that!

NAUGHTY:  The maker of those hoverboard things that are apparently catching fire due to cheap, defective batteries.  SHAME ON YOU!!

NICE:  Anyone who contributes to a worthy cause during this time of year.  My wife and I found a local organization wherein all donations stay in our home community.  Nice!

NAUGHTY:  Anyone who robs (or attempts to do likewise) a Salvation Army kettle.  I know times are difficult for many, but this is really too much.

NICE:  The volunteers who ring the bell at those kettles.  Apparently there are fewer than ever this year.

NAUGHTY:  People who allowed themselves to be caught on camera fighting over merchandise during Black Friday sales.  Again.

NICE:  The lady who let me in when I was trying to enter the mall parking lot not long ago.  She could have ignored me like the previous five or six motorists, but she didn't.

NAUGHTY:  Any store clerk who is less than cheerful, regardless of how many hours they've worked recently.

NICE:  The same group who are friendly in spite of their current stress and exhaustion levels!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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