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Monday, December 28, 2015

Ready or not, 2016 is coming

Merry post-Christmas, and Happy almost-New Year, everyone!

This is one of the oddest times of year for me, when we're in that time period between two holidays that are close together.  That said, I hope that you and yours have a lovely Christmas!

I'm fortunately on vacation until NEXT Monday, so I'm enjoying some down time with my family.  But the treadmill will begin again in about a week.

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I try not to, as I don't like to set a course that I either won't hold to, or set myself up for failure and disappointment.  But I'm certainly thinking of things I'd like to do in the coming year.

One is to eat better.  That's a personal choice, and a particular weakness of mine, as I so often will take the path of convenience instead of the better, healthier alternative.  I've been through long periods of vigilance where diet is concerned, but, unfortunately, have been on a more lax regimen for some time.  Need to change that, for all of the right reasons.  And it all relates to what I eat outside of my home, so that's clearly a poor set of choices on my part.  Resolution or not, that's what I'll do.

Until this recent period, I had also increased my exercise frequency somewhat, and I want to continue that trend as well.  That's also a matter of personal discipline and scheduling, but I am committed to this, again, for good reasons.

I feel that I do a pretty good job staying in touch with my geographically scattered group of friends and close associates, but I would like to see them more frequently.  Many are former professional colleagues, so if I don't have a business need to be in their part of the country, or they in mine, it's hard to engineer an opportunity to meet.  I managed to visit with one good friend in particular when she came to a wedding about three hours from here last year, and while we only spent a day together (and she finally got the chance to meet my wife, which was wonderful in itself), it has buoyed me considerably since.  I'd like to replicate that same feeling if I could!

I'd also like to read more, and by that I mean read BOOKS.  I find myself reading a lot but it's almost all online content, where I go from item to item, site to site, and am not reading much with any coherence.  Subject matter is usually the challenge, as I prefer non-fiction, but am also a bit picky with which authors I like to read.

I could go on about how I'd like to see the Kentucky basketball team win the national championship, or the Cincinnati Reds make it through the 2016 season without losing 100 games, but that's a fan's interest, and not really something that I can personally aspire to accomplish.  Doesn't mean I wouldn't delight in either happening, though!

With that, I'll leave you to ponder how you would like for 2016 to transpire for you.  Happy New Year!


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