New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, July 24, 2015

The weekend's too short

Wow, if that's not the most pessimistic thing one can say on a Friday afternoon....?

Seriously, though, I'm very glad to see that the weekend is just about here.  Kentucky appears to finally be through with its unexpected monsoon season, so that means the weather is like it usually is this time of year.  Hot.  Damned hot, if you'll pardon the expression.

I'm scheduled to play golf tomorrow with some friends about an hour from here, the location chosen to accommodate one friend who lives a distance away.  And it's scheduled to be a high temperature of 93 degrees tomorrow.  Oh, well, we should get plenty of roll with the dry conditions, anyway....

Actually, I'm surprised that it hasn't rained in the last couple of days, as I dug deep into my pockets and got the "deluxe" wash at the local car wash.  Interior, too.  I drive so much these last eighteen months that I rarely go to that expense for car washes, since it's going to just get dirty again.  But I was a little tired of driving around in something that dirty, so there.

I'm on another jag wherein I'm borrowing CDs from my local library.  Right now I'm listening to a real gem by Boz Scaggs (remember him, 70s fans?  "Lowdown," "Lido Shuffle" and so on) called "A Fool to Care."  It appears to be a blues homage, featuring a few songs I know but most that I don't.  Two duets, one in particular with the underrated Bonnie Raitt, highlight the record, which showcases Scaggs' guitar skills and his unique vocal style.  I've also requested another recent release of his (he has been recording more in the past few years, it seems) called "Memphis," and it's a tribute to some of the great R&B music that's come from that area over the years.

And I continue to enjoy two other recent musical acquisitions, James Taylor's "Before This World" and singer/songwriter J.D. Souther's superb "Tenderness."  More old guy music for this old guy, but if you like either singer even a little, check them out.

Note:  I doubt I would have known about Souther's record without exposure to a couple of songs on satellite radio.  Probably would have about James Taylor's album (yes, they're still albums to me), but most likely the other would have gotten past me.

I saw that a member of the Senate is asking for an investigation of Apple Music, which was introduced about ten minutes ago.  I'm not a subscriber and am not planning to be, but this kind of puzzles me to have this occur right out of the gate.  Apple gets sued and investigated so frequently I'd say their company leadership is pretty well used to it, but, still....

Remember me saying in this space that the Cincinnati Reds were on the verge of trading several high-profile players?  They have not done so yet, but I still expect that they will.  Being this far out of first place with this much of the season left really doesn't indicate that things will get better for them without some changes.  The Reds are in Denver this weekend, coincidentally, which my Denver-area-based-daughter reminded me last night.

I'll end with a baseball comment of a different sort.  The Florence (KY) Freedom are an independent minor league team in the Frontier League.  As it happens, they operate their ballpark to be peanut free all of the time.  This is something I discovered in trying to find another game to which I would take my granddaughter, who suffers from a pretty severe nut allergy.  Anyway, I took her to a game there Wednesday night and we had a lot of fun.  Nice, clean ballpark, with free parking and every seat a good seat; good food and drink choices that were not extremely expensive, a play area for kids, and decent-quality baseball.  My granddaughter got a ball from the visitors' dugout and was able to get the handsome young pitcher who gave it to her to sign it for her, so that's now among her prized possessions!

So it's not quite quitting time here, but it's getting closer by the minute.  Have a good weekend, please!


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