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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Writing on a Tuesday this time around, folks.  No particular reason behind it, though.

I want to begin my comments by noting two very unfortunate stories in the news currently.  The first is here in our country, as the city of Baltimore, Maryland is being torn asunder in the latest instance of a minority suspect being treated badly at the hands of local police.  The funeral of Freddie Gray ignited numerous protests in the Baltimore area, many of which became violent.  Numerous individuals, including about fifteen police officers, have been injured in the violence and looting.  It now appears that social media successfully circulated word about the value of rioting just after Mr. Gray's funeral.

However it came to be, I sincerely hope that calmer influences win out.  As Mr. Gray's pastor said on the news last night, the riots, looting and violence have NOTHING to do with the tragic death of this man while in police custody, and that these actions do not represent justice.  No one really gains anything in situations like this, of course.

The other scenario I mentioned above concerns the mountain nation of Nepal and the massive earthquake and aftershocks that have been felt there.  I am far from expert on world geography, but all indications are that the country's largest city, Kathmandu, was filled with buildings that were either very old and in disrepair, or poorly constructed.  The death toll from this catastrophe keeps climbing, but as it's been described, the country needs funds and supplies and not more people to help.

That said, we're in the throes of springtime around here.  Mowing the grass at least twice a week.  Talking with my wife and what to plant or replant in the yard (she's worried that the azaleas we planted late last spring aren't going to fully come back, as they're still a little thin in spots).  Fretting about the Cincinnati Reds (more on that below).  Struggling to get control of my golf game, such as it is.

On the subject of golf, I played with a good friend on Sunday, and while there were a few signs of hope in my game, I need a LOT more practice!  That will come soon enough, but my golf trip with other friends appears to be back on in a couple of weekends.  We've pivoted northward, owing to the availability of hotels and a minor league baseball game in Indianapolis on the weekend of this great event.  We'll be revisiting a couple of courses that some of us have played and enjoyed in the past.  Suspect that a good time will be had by all!

I had to go furniture shopping yesterday.  My company sent me a new, rather large, laser printer, a year into my tenure.  Glad to have it, of course, but needed a place to put a big black cube.  The solution came with an inexpensive table from a discount store, and I was able to fit it into a corner where it's mostly out of the way, but close enough to access for printed copies and such.

Two of my friends are coping with the rapid aging and decline of a parent.  One had just moved to a retirement community, while the other is in a full nursing home.  I feel so badly for both of them (one is here in my home area, the other many miles away).  But having been through it, I know there's not much anyone outside of the situations can do, except be there when needed.  So I am.

Regarding the Reds, not only have they been mostly without the services of their stud catcher Devin Mesoraco for about two weeks (a hip "impingement" is the cause, and while I don't know what that is, it sounds painful) and now comes news that a veteran pitcher, Homer Bailey, who just had surgery last fall on a flexor mass near his pitching elbow, is now out again, with another elbow problem.  The whispers online indicate it's serious, but no direct announcement has been made.  Let's hope that it's not, for the sake of the player, the team, and the fans.

Last random subject...we live across the street from a complex of townhomes.  I am not sure when they were constructed, but they are probably older than our house, which was built sometime in the '80s.  Anyway, there has been work proceeding on one townhouse for several weeks.  It looked like the windows were being replaced, or a new patio door was being installed.  Yesterday, I went to our community mailbox (sixteen slots just next door to our house) to pick up the day's mail and noticed that ALL OF THE SIDING was gone from the upper floor on one side.  I have to wonder if they've had termites, water damage, or even a fire to warrant that extent of work and repair.  My wife says she's going to march over and ask.  All I know is that there are tools to be heard from about 7:45 AM until 5:30 PM nearly every day when the weather allows.

Let's have a good remainder of the week, shall we?


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