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Monday, April 13, 2015

In season

Good Monday morning, all.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, as I know that I did!

Let's get some sports out of the way first....the Cincinnati Reds and the rest of Major League Baseball are off and running.  The Reds started fast, winning their first four games before cooling to a pair of tough losses over the weekend.  The "experts" have picked the Reds to finish last in their division.  I'm sure that the entire team and management would like to prove them wrong, so if they can keep doing what they did last week--timely hitting, good starting pitching and a decent bullpen---they have a good chance to do so.

Congrats to Jordan Spieth, who's now the second youngest man to win the Masters golf tournament.  He did so in record fashion yesterday, playing with youthful (21) bravado and fearlessness.  Kind of reminds me of someone named Woods who was pretty good in the past.

And the University of Kentucky men's basketball team, still smarting from losing that national semifinal game about ten days ago, announced that SEVEN players from this year's team will make themselves available for the NBA draft.  Good luck to all.  From what I hear from a reliable source, coach John Calipari has reinforcements ready and on the way.

With that said...

My wife and I decided to give the new HBO Now streaming service a try, prodded by a free month of the service.  So far she watched a pretty old movie while I was traveling last week, and together we've watched episodes of several of their series.  I won't say which ones, but let's just say that we have not found any that my wife really enjoys.  That will ultimately decide whether or not to invest the $14.99 per month for the service.

I read that the Apple Watch, in all of its various incarnations, is sold out until June, and that instead of the bizarre lines that usually form outside of Apple Stores on "launch day" of a new product, most of the commotion this time was online.  That's better for everyone, really.  I have only bought accessories at the Apple Store, we've bought my wife's first and then current iPhones onsite.  My Apple "equipment" comes from an electronics big-box store with better financing options, but I love to go and look and think and play and ask questions.

Speaking of iPhones, I received a notification from my carrier that I could "upgrade" early by getting into an alternate program wherein I receive a service discount, then make 24 monthly payments on a new iPhone of my choice.  Went to an authorized reseller for this carrier I did a little math and some exploration online and determined, eventually, that this is actually a lease program that's called by another name.  I would have to surrender my current iPhone 5 to start this off, and then after the 24 months was up I would have to do the same to get a new phone.  I don't think so.  Mine is working fine, and I like my Colonel Littleton holster, too, so I'll stand pat for the moment.

I'm going with some friends on a golf trip this week.  We're meeting up with another friend of mine in a town that's pretty much equidistant for all, about three hours from home.  Not long to get there, courses that I have not played, some good company, and a reasonably short journey home.  We'll all be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The plan now is to play a round Friday afternoon, then retire to the hotel and then out to dinner (we've scoped out a couple of walking-distance options, which is preferable in a strange location), then a game Saturday followed by a minor-league baseball game.  Sunday we play right across the road from the hotel, which will be followed by lunch and then the road home.  Weather permitting, it should be great fun.

Oh, and Hillary Clinton is running for President.  Didn't we already know that?

Have a good day!


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