New Shoes in the Rain

Thursday, April 16, 2015


When I tell a story, good or bad, about some set of circumstances that represent an unfinished situation, I suppose that sometimes you might be interested in knowing how things came out in the end.  So here's a quick summary of some of those situations.


Remember me mentioning that I had had some difficulty with my wheels being improperly balanced, and that it was finally addressed?  I wanted to give some credit on this, as not only is the car functioning as intended since that time, but the company, Tire Discounters, sent an e-mail asking me for my mailing address.  They said they wanted to send me something "for your trouble."

A few days passed and I received a very nice, handwritten note of apology and a card entitling me to some complimentary gasoline.  How about that?


At last report we were awaiting a visit from the floor crew who installed our hardwood, in order to fix five or six issues that had either never been addressed or that had cropped up following our installation.

There was something of a mixup in getting this handled, as the crew leader (if that's the right term) called a couple of days before the scheduled appointment and appeared surprised to learn that we would expect him and his associates on the appointed day and time.

That day came, and he arrived several hours late with some excuses about his day.  The night before I had moved furniture, lamps and such to make this work go faster and easier, so by the time he arrived, my wife and I were rather tired of having the house in such disarray.   But arrive he did, alone, and within about three hours he had everything completed to our satisfaction.  Finally!


The cable provider honored its commitment and reduced our pricing.  Of course, that's reduced from the increased price, so the net effect is that our bill went UP by about four dollar.  The price of progress.


We're trying this for at least the first (free) month and so far we still have not found that much that we both like.  I don't object to violence and profanity, but my wife can do without it, so that limits us a bit.  So this may not be a keeper.


My friends and I who were to go on a golf trip tomorrow conferred by iMessage (great to have tech that works) and agreed that we should postpone.  Why?  The weather forecast for that part of the world calls for significant precipitation for just about the entire weekend.  We knew this was a risk scheduling relatively close to home in April.  So we'll see about another attempt in a few weeks.

That's about all to tell you....until something else happens!


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