New Shoes in the Rain

Monday, March 16, 2015

Well seasoned

Good Monday morning.  What's good about a Monday, you ask?  It's gonna be over 70 degrees here in central Kentucky today!

Washed the accumulated salt, filth, grime and other corrupting influences from my car's exterior yesterday, which must be an expression of my confidence that the worst of winter is most likely behind us.  Our usual car wash is closed on Sundays, so we considered a couple of alternatives and wound up at one we hadn't used before.  Good result, a little less expensive for the full-tilt exterior wash (we keep up the interior ourselves) than the norm and hand dried by a very polite young woman who thanked us for turning off the car while she did her thing!

The weather was similar yesterday, mid 60's and sunny, so I seized the opportunity that the great weather provided and overseeded and fertilized my yard.  Now I'll have to water it, which seems counterintuitive, given all of the water that soaked in with the rain and snow melt.

And my wife and I visited our neighborhood butcher shop and purchased steaks for yesterday and pork chops for today.  Steaks were of the Akaushi variety--check that out by Googling, as I did, very impressive!--and were outstanding!  This butcher shop opened about a year ago and we don't shop there frequently, but when we do, the results are quite good.

Oh, and the Kentucky Wildcats still have not lost a basketball game this year.  They ran through the Southeastern Conference tournament over the weekend to extend their unbeaten streak to 34 games.  Now they're the top seed in the NCAA tournament, which begins tomorrow night.  Go Cats!

A couple of updates on some newsy things I've reported here....

First, the office chair issue....the dealer contacted me last week to say that my part is in, meaning the lumbar support unit that had broken.  I was able to remove the old and install the new one in about five minutes last week.  Much more supportive and comfortable.  Will still need to get a gas lift, but now that I know that the dealer will charge me for the part but not the labor I need to weigh out the pros and cons of having them do the work, but being without the chair for a week or two, potentially.

The other item I want to follow up is our new flooring.  My wife is ecstatic at how great it looks and feels as I am.  But we are both disappointed by some inconsistencies in the trim work--the little rounded pieces at where the baseboard meets the floor ("quarter-rounds") are in, but the hardwood install crew did not calk their joints or the nail holes, as the vinyl installers did in our bathrooms.  And there are a couple of doorways where the transitions from one surface to another are inconsistent or missing entirely.  The dealer was quick to reassure that they'd take care of this, but that was over a week ago.  My wife is on a slow boil now, so I'll step back and let her handle it.

And finally, here's a funny for you.  I think I've mentioned in this space my affinity for traditional aftershave products.  Have been a bay rum fan for about twenty years, but over the last few years I've also added back some other products that are more commonly found in drugstores than at the fragrance counter at a department store.  Old Spice, Skin Bracer and Brut are among these, as are some products from Pinaud, who make a line of products called "Clubman" in a variety of scents.  Like them especially.  Anyway, a while back we were at Bed Bath and Beyond and I ran across a product called Lilac Vegetal, which I recognized from western movies (you know, the hero has been on the range for weeks, and when he arrives in town treats himself to a trip to the barber shop, where he gets a shave and a bath for a quarter, and the barber offers "lilac vegetal" for an extra nickel, saying that the ladies love it).  So we were at that store Saturday evening, and I bought a bottle.

Let me warn you---if you ever considered this product, please reconsider.  Reviews on describe it as smelling like, well, a lot of unpleasant things.  I'll just say it's not the kind of scent I would want on my person for the day.  The nice folks at Bed Bath and Beyond agreed that it did not smell good and graciously refunded my purchase yesterday.

So I'm looking forward not only to a good weather day today, but a day where I don't stink, either.


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