New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, March 6, 2015


It's the day after round two here in central Kentucky, folks.  We had an official snowfall amount of 13 inches of snow.  Or 11.  Or 14, depending on who is asked for the info.

Doesn't matter, that's a LOT of snow, any way you stack it up.  So once again, central Kentucky is virtually paralyzed.  But that's OK with me, at least for the moment!

I was really in a quandary earlier in the week.  I had the misfortune of back-to-back trips this week, first to Martin, in southeastern Kentucky, and then to London and the surrounding area, which is closer to directly south of Lexington.  My Martin trip was a day trip, and I was able to get there and back without any issues.  I encountered some rain, but instead of the cold temperatures we've been experiencing, it reached 60 degrees on that day.  So the roads were messy from the melting of what was left of the snow, but that was about it.

The next day I left for London and an overnight stay there.  On my way there I began to try to sort out whether it would be possible to combine two days' meetings into a single, but long, day.  As it turned out, all were agreeable, so I arrived back home as the days torrential rains turned to sleep here in Lexington.  And not long after that was when the snow began to fall.

So I shoveled the driveway yesterday, and my very nice neighbor came over and helped with the last 20 percent.  I then made sure to clear his walk and helped a bit with his driveway, until his teenaged daughters emerged from their house and took over with their dad.  Nice guy, really good of him to help.

I need to shovel again, as the plow apparently came through, and left its usual residue across my driveway opening.  But it has to warm up first.

Here's a little followup on the doings around our place last week.....the carpet was installed in our bedroom and master closet Monday morning.  Only took a couple of hours, and it looks and feels great.  So the house is pretty much done, but we will have to paint trim and also continue to shop for rugs and such, now that we have hard surfaces in so many more places.  But my wife and I love a project!

Many such projects are informed by our extensive viewing of programs on HGTV, where we enjoy watching "House Hunters," "Property Brothers," "Fixer Upper" and numerous other programs.  Recently there was a short-run series called "Ellen's Design Challenge," produced by comedian Ellen DeGeneres and concerning a furniture design competition.  We watched the final two installments Monday and were disappointed that our favorite, a Colorado native named Tim McClellan, won but was later disqualified when producers received "an anonymous tip" that the final piece he produced closely resembled something that already existed.

OK, if you're like me, you know that a lot of different furniture winds up looking a lot alike.  No one has an absolute patent on a straight-backed wooden chair, for example, so there are a zillion variations on that.  Does not ever surprise me to see one manufacturer's headboard design be reminiscent of another that I may have seen somewhere else.  Regardless of how derivative the furniture business is, the judges elected to disqualify this guy (check him out online) in favor of a childlike "prodigy" whose designs were, frankly, a little strange.

This reminds me of viewers of TV golf broadcasts who call in about what they view as potential rules violations, often leading to disqualification of players, etc.  Talk about interactive media!

Anyway, Ellen had Tim on her main show yesterday and said that she felt terrible about what happened and planned to "work with" him in some way.  I'd say that they guy got so much exposure, even though some was not entirely positive, that it can only help his unique furniture design business.  Find him online, look at his site, and tell me that you wouldn't want some of those goods in your home, too.

Two friends and former colleagues got news that they were going to lose their jobs this week.  So disappointing that companies continue to devalue the work and worth of capable, hard-working people.  Rooting for both of them.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must marshal my strength for another round of shoveling!


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