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Friday, February 27, 2015

What a mess!

Writing a brief post this morning, as the flooring crew is in day two of installing hardwoods in our main living space.  We managed to get through the vinyl installation on Tuesday and are very happy with the outcome!

But that job was not without incident.  In their efforts to wrap things up after a long day, the installation crew that handled our vinyl did not replace the drain hose for our washer, and when my wife went to wash a load of clothes (having to first tell me that they must not have turned the water on) we had a bit of a flood on our hands!  Nothing that a shop vac and some towels could not handle, but it was still a mess.  And then we determined that the hoses were connected backwards, hot connected to cold, and vice versa.  So that's the only downside so far, and since the flooring that was affected by the excess water was being replaced anyway, no problem for us.

But it's been interesting these last couple of days.  I spent some time moving the smaller stuff and relocating our internet equipment Wednesday night, and set up my computer and other items in the kitchen.  I took off work yesterday and today, as I wasn't confident that I would be productive while working in a makeshift way.

And my wife and I agreed that it would be good for her to head out of town for the duration.  This kind of mess and upheaval isn't easy to take, so I think she's much happier this way.

The crew arrived mid-morning yesterday, and moved what was left aside and started ripping and removing carpet and pad.  Quite a sight to see the floor down to bare stud.  Once they got the first few rows of the hardwood in place, they really gained momentum, and finished the living room before departing yesterday afternoon.   I felt the sorriest for them when they had to move my desk yesterday (full, but the top was empty) and my credenza and hutch today (also full).  But these guys do this all the time, and placed both large pieces on some carpet scraps.  They will be able to slide the items back into place when all is done.  Huge advantage gained from experience.

For my part, I went last night and bought felt pads for the feet of our sectional sofa and my office furniture.  Also bought rubber pads for the wrought iron tables we have in our living room.  Somewhere in there I forgot about a lamp that has a rather rough metal base and also our television stand, which is on small wheels that will likely scuff our new floor.  So that will need to be addressed, but that's not a big deal.

Once we get the main spaces back together, we have to go through the same process Monday, as we're having the carpet in our bedroom and master closet replaced.  So there'll be MORE fun!

The crew is hard at work on our project now.  So I will update in this space when it's all done!


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