New Shoes in the Rain

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still in the deep freeze

Greetings from Lexington, where the air temperature this morning is a balmy 5 degrees.  We've had a reprieve recently, but back into the freezer Sunday night.  The forecast says that it will warm up a little bit over the next few days.

But we all know that weather forecasts can be incorrect, as weather systems move in different directions and a different speed than might have been originally anticipated.  And all of the computer models in the world don't replace looking out the window to see what's coming a bit later.

Case in point--my home area was in the path of weather that on Saturday was predicted to deliver seven to twelve more inches of snow, preceded by a wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain.  Instead, and most thankfully, we only got about an inch of snow, but more rain.  I assume this occurred because temperatures were warmer here than predicted.  No matter, we certainly didn't need more snow, after ten-plus inches last Monday and then a couple more on Wednesday.

Lexington is like many cities throughout the Southeast, in that if we receive more than a little snow, it cripples the city, closing schools, churches and businesses.  But by the latter part of last week, most everything, except for schools, were back in operation, if things were a little sloppy.

But we're not scheduled to get any snow or bad weather until sometime next week, perhaps.  I hope it doesn't get too bad, as I am scheduled to travel quite extensively next week.

This week, though, our focus is on a pretty major home renovation project.  My wife and I had a positive outcome to our income tax returns, and elected to invest in our home in the form of new flooring for the main living areas, the downstairs and master bathrooms and our bedroom.  We last carpeted the entire house in 2003, so it's time.  We're installing engineered hardwoods in my office and the living room (plus the adjoining hallways), new vinyl in the bathrooms and the laundry room, and new carpet in the master bedroom and closet.

The fun starts today, when the crew will deliver the wood product (presumably so that it can acclimate to our home environment before installation is attempted) and remove and replace the vinyl today and tomorrow, then install hardwood on Thursday and Friday (and possibly Saturday), and finally carpet our bedroom and closet on Monday.  I've taken the day off Thursday and Friday, as that's when the house will be turned upside down, and it would be virtually impossible to work in that environment.  Plus I'd be freed up to move breakable things, reposition our internet modem and router and other fun stuff.

I think my wife is going to take the opportunity to head out of town to visit her mother, which might be best.  This kind of upheaval is never easy for anyone, but I know that she will be much happier when it's over!

Cross your fingers.....


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